Wishcome Chia-Cheese Brown Rice Roll, A Healthy Taiwanese Snack Launched At Kaohsiung E SKY LAND Shopping Mall


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— Wishcome

TAICHUNG CITY, TAIWAN, May 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wishcome Co., Ltd. is an award-winning food company that provides a variety of delicious and healthy snacks co-created with nutritionists. Wishcome will be showcasing its bestseller, Chia-Cheese Brown Rice Roll, at various upcoming food and beverage events in 2021, including its 5th pop-up store in Kaohsiung E SKY LAND shopping mall between Apr 9 – May 12.

The Chia-Cheese Brown Rice Roll uses superfood chia seed, quinoa, and brown rice as the base and is covered with seaweed, sesame, almond, and pork floss to deliver a perfectly balanced sweet and savory taste. The product received a two-star award at iTQi Superior Taste Award 2018. It is also selected by EVA Air and Taiwan High-Speed Rail as the complimentary snacks for their business class passengers. Due to its unprecedented popularity, Wishcome also developed an alternative vegan version for the lacto-ovo-vegetarians with soy shred floss.

As the first brand in Taiwan with international accolades from iTQi, Monde Selection, and Great Taste from 2017 to 2021, Wishcome is committed to developing innovative healthy snacks without sacrificing taste. With the coronavirus pandemic accelerating the shift to online shopping, Wishcome has witnessed a 150% increase in its e-commerce sales performance. To provide a better customer experience, the company has partnered with Carrefour Taiwan and PX Martin full-fledged distribution and promotion. Wishcome anticipates participating in future food exhibitions and recruits overseas distribution partners to expand its iconic delicacy to more consumers worldwide.

Competitive Advantages:
• Combine Eastern and Western gourmet flavors
• Innovative food processing technology
• Single-serve packaging for customers to enjoy the snacks on the go
• SGS certified – no preservatives and artificial flavors

About Wishcome Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan, Wishcome Co., Ltd. is an established leader in innovative food technology and production. After launching its own brand, Natural’s Idea, and Cool Mix, Wishcome has rolled out many signature products including soda crackers, brown rice rolls, and an assortment of crackers and biscuits without excessive sugar, calories, and additives. The company is offering a more creative and healthy taste to customers worldwide. For more information, please visit https://www.trygogo.com.

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