Winkzzz Revolutionary Pillows – The First 100% Custom Fit Pillow Using Innovative Measurement Technology

Winkzzz Custom Pillows

Winkzzz Custom Pillows

Winkzzz - Make Sleep Dreamy Again

Designed by a Chiropractor with 25 years of experience, these pillows are 100% Custom-Fit and come with your choice of high-quality infusions.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, April 20, 2021 / — Pillows are evolving. It’s 2021, and people can no longer deny that a good night’s sleep affects overall wellness and directly impacts having a productive day. Pillows shouldn’t be fluffy rectangular sacks created with a one-size-fits-all ideology. A Canada-based company, Winkzzz INC, has broken the mould -literally by creating a proprietary APP that takes your measurements and then creates a pillow based on your exact measurements, sleep needs, and pain points. Winkzzz 100% custom-fit pillows are made to measure and delivered directly to the consumers.

The innovative shape is designed by chiropractor Dr. William Heidary, with over 25 years of experience treating thousands of patients. Winkzzz pillows are non-rectangular and uniquely contoured to your shape, size, and measurements to provide the ideal support and comfort for the best night’s sleep. Winkzzz pillows offer increased shoulder and neck support for side-sleepers and the perfect head cradle for back sleepers.

The shape is not the only difference between traditional pillows and Winkzzz. Every Winkzzz pillow comes with your choice of medical-grade infusions, which reduces inflammation, enhances blood flow, increases relaxation, and keeps you cool all night long, improving your overall sleep quality. Consumers can choose between 3 different densities based on personal preference for ultimate comfort. Winkzzz Pil-lows come add-on choice of 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton or luxurious Mulberry Silk custom-fit pillowcase.

Winkzzz is on a mission to “Make Sleep Dreamy Again” by reinstating relaxing sleep, refining daily efficiency, and boosting energy to make a global impact through each individual. Winkzzz pillows have been designed and tested by hundreds of customers just like you for ultimate relief of pressure points and pain. In Dr. Heidary’s words:

“A customizable pillow with the right amount of support can make the quality of sleep better and results in overall wellness. Winkzzz reverse engineers sleep problems and then applies medical-based solutions to solve specific sleep concerns”.

Winkzzz Pillows will be available in 2 choices – Winkzzz Renew and Winkzzz Refresh. Winkzzz Renew is infused with copper to renew your health by reducing swelling, inflammation and relieving chronic pain. Copper is also 99.9% anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic as well as anti-aging. On the other hand, Winkzzz Refresh keeps your feeling fresh and is infused with ceramic to keep customers cool as a cucumber all night long, reducing waking up hot or suffering from night sweats.

Winkzzz Pillows are designed to provide relief for problems like back or neck pain, migraines, snoring, hot flashes, allergies, and paresthesia. Good news for C-PAP users, Winkzzz pillows are also designed to work seamlessly with a C-PAP Machine. These pillows are luxurious, soft, and natural. CEO Adelina Doppler has also put considerable thought into the environmental impact and has chosen high-quality, sustainable materials for her pillows and recyclable materials for their packaging. The company is launching its crowdfunding campaign in April 2021 on Kickstarter and aims to deliver all the orders within 90 days of the campaign end date. Furthermore, customers can rest easy knowing that Winkzzz Pillows come with a 120-Night Risk-Free Trial and a full money-back guarantee if consumers are not 100% satisfied with the product.

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