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WIN TV is well on the path to becoming a BILLION dollar company in record time. Although many years in the making WIN TV is experiencing phenomenal growth.


Since WIN TV NETWORK was launched on March 10th of this year, primarily for testing some of the back end systems, it was immediately found by people all over the world.

Win one million games that have been played over 3.8 BILLION times, WIN TV is an unprecedented success and in it’s second month of going live it already has developed almost $3 million in cash flow from subscriptions, advertising sales and retail merchandise with dozens more contracts lining up to be dealt with.

The first “LIVE” game is going on right now and someone is going to walk away with some WIN TV cash on the first of MAY. That leaves four days for people to check out the website at

As of today WIN TV is also planning a world tour of wild and crazy WIN TV “Fantasy Fest” parties where everything goes. The first party will be held in London U,K. and will last ten days. It is expected that the event will attract in excess of two million people over the 10 day period. Tickets for the event will be on sale soon.

The selection of venues for the 10 days of events is now underway. This is one party you can attend from all over the world and make sure you do not miss. It is the global event of the year. The entire event will be filmed over the ten days and aired on WIN TV NETWORK to a global audience.

So, if you would like to attend one of the biggest global crazy parties keep coming back to or watch this space because this is really something you do not want to miss.

The incredible growth of WIN TV and acceptance of the new global television games show premise where anyone, anywhere in the world can compete as a television game show contestant is extremely gratifying. Typically games shows for the past 75 years have been extremely popular mainstay entertainment programming for television.

However, most game shows that you see on television today are limited for 1-4 contestants. WIN TV with state of the art technology, some in-house developed algorithms and some very creative approaches to programming has totally changed that “Old School” approach.

Now with anyone competing from the comfort of their couch at home anyone can win up to $1,000,000 as well as other great prizes.

With the announcement of the $100 million USD Private Placement this could be the fastest growing BILLION dollar company ever!

WIN TV is owned by serial entrepreneur and experienced television producer who has created and distributed some 3,500 network shows during his career. He is also a major music producer and over 62 million fans follow his site. While his experience spans many years of television production he always though that there has to be a better way to produce television or film. The biggest barrier to any content is the high cost of production.

WIN TV has virtually eliminated most of those high upfront costs. WIN TV has also provided a great reason to watch WIN TV. The opportunity win lots of money and have some fun at the same time competing against players from around the world.

WIN TV has created a “New School” approach to production and distribution that is far more profitable than the “Old School” method. For example NETFLIX generated approximately $20.5 Billion in revenues in 2019 but only generated 2-3% net profit. This is because the cost of acquisitions and there own productions is so high they barely break even. Today you can see that they are picking up films from many third world countries because the USA productions are so expensive. They then take these foreign films and put subtitles or English language dubbing on them. NETFLIX lost 5% of its membership last month.

In contrast WIN TV works on an 80-85% profit margin.

This is why WIN TV is attracting attention from all over the world. It’s doing the same thing to the entertainment business as Uber did to the TAXI business and what Amazon did to the way we shop.

So, all of those folks out there who bought shares in Amazon or Uber, or even the early NETFLIX and made millions, keep an eye on WIN TV. We are making our shares available to the public direct from the company rather than through hedge funds or banks, Pick up One share for $10.00 and see what it does. Anyone interested in shares can contact the company at

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It’s fun!


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