WIN TV Announces Global “Pro Trivia League” to Compete against E-Sports. Corporate Sponsors Needed to Support Education




WIN TV ( ) Announces New Professional Trivia League to Rival E-sports Leagues. Corporate Sponsors Needed to Support Education Instead of Violence!


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WIN TV Announces New “Professional Trivia League” (PTL) to Rival E-sports Teams.

WIN TV is a new and ONLY global television network that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to compete in television game shows as a contestant and win major prizes of cash and other great products, just the same as on TV Game Shows like “The Price Is Right” “Deal or No Deal” and many others.

WIN TV is pleased to announce the formation of a “Professional Trivia League” (PTL) which will allow players to earn endorsements, sponsorships and appearance fees just like golfers, tennis players, soccer players and others.

WIN TV is the first and only company to have ever created an opportunity for really smart people to become a professional trivia player in the PRO TRIVIA LEAGUE. (PTL)

Players who love trivia can either compete as a single player or as part of a four person team.

The WIN TV championship team or single player will walk away with a cool ONE MILLION USD PRIZE.

E-sports has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last few years with teams being sponsored and owned by various corporations who pay upwards of $25,000,000 for the rights to the teams.

WIN TV believes that the WIN TV PRO TRIVIA LEAGUE is a far better opportunity to own and sponsor a team that has the underlying educational value in what can be a very thrilling game that will be televised around the world on the global WIN TV platform.

E-sports spends it’s time playing “shoot ’em up types of games. While this obviously has it’s followers WIN TV believes that’s its radical approach to encourage learning subjects across the board is far more beneficial as a way to spend time and make money.

WIN TV’s trivia games develop knowledge of facts across all subjects, history, science, geography, and much more. For a corporation to own a team WIN TV PRO TEAM or endorse a single player and sponsor this kind of positive learning and educational aspect, is far superior to sponsoring someone playing shooting “Kill” games and destruction games..

An announcement of this move to create a PRO TRIVIA LEAGUE was made on the WIN TV website ( ) on Saturday May 8th on the NEWS GIGGLES GOSSIP page along with a video which will provide an example of a trivia game. This example is played between two high school teams with some brilliant students who are playing for the Governor’s Championship Cup. If you look at this video example and then imagine what it would be like if they were playing for $1,000,000 you would have a rough idea of what we are talking about with WIN TV’s PRO TRIVIA LEAGUE.

Players from all over the world are encouraged to register with WIN TV either as an individual PRO player or as a four person PRO team.

High school teams are also encouraged to register but will need parental consent and the necessary release forms signed.

“Tennis Players, Soccer players, Golfers all have professional leagues,” Says Baron Storm, Founder & CEO of WIN TV. “Many of these sports personalities have huge multi million dollar endorsements form various corporations like NIKE, and other equipment providers. In fact many players make more money from endorsements than they do from winning tournaments. So, why not do the same thing for really smart people who can win money on WIN TV?” He added.

Becoming a WIN TV PRO TRIVIA player or team will allow these smart people of all ages to obtain endorsements and make a living by learning and being able to claim the bragging rights of being the smartest people in the world

The WIN TV global platform will provide huge exposure to players and the corporations who back them.

So, if corporations from around the world would like to own and sponsor a PRO team now is the time. Just contact WIN TV at

There are tremendous advantages of buying or sponsoring a WIN TV team. First and foremost you will enjoy major global exposure for your company on the WIN TV platform. Secondly, you will share on a 50/50 basis, any winnings that your team or player will earn. Thirdly, this is such a good public relations move where you are encouraging people to be SMART and learn.

If you are a corporation looking for an opportunity to bring attention to your company then please contact WIN TV for more information.

For all those players and teams that register with WIN TV as a PRO player you can immediately seek sponsorships and support from friends, family, and business associates, just like any other sports person. The top tennis players and golfers can earn in excess of $10 -$45 million dollars a year from their endorsements.

Now you can do the same by being a WIN TV PRO PLAYER.

This is an exciting phase of growth for WIN TV which has rapidly expanded around the world and is the fastest growing television network in the history of television.

Stay tuned to WIN TV form more exciting news.



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