Why is Laravel the best PHP framework in 2020?


It has been a popular belief that Laravel has been able to gain huge amounts of popularity over the years, since its release.

The popularity garnered among developers all around the world by Laravel is phenomenal, to say the least. In the present time, a huge number of websites, around 1,35,000, has already been built by making use of Laravel.

All this popularity in so less time, there must be a reason behind this. This is what we will find out in this blog.

Laravel development services, or the Laravel framework itself, has been able to become this popular, mostly because of the huge variety of features it is characterized by.

It consists of development tools and advanced features, which act as a boost for web application development.

The functioning of Laravel, even functions in the completely opposite direction.

Apart from fastening up web application development, Laravel also makes sure that a Laravel developer, finds the entire development process simple.

Laravel ensures that the entire process of development is clean and that reusable code is employed during the process of development.

It is straight up, one of its kind, which focuses on making websites feature-reach and flexible.

The three industries that mostly make use of Laravel are IT services, retail industry and real estate.

So after talking in detail about the popularity of Laravel and what it actually refers to, let’s dive into the factors and features, which makes this framework, the absolute best one to use by businesses in the year 2020.

Beneficial features of the Laravel framework

  • MVC framework

MVC basically refers to an architectural pattern – model-view-controller pattern.

This kind of architecture makes Laravel immensely simple and easy to use. Even if you have spent money on Laravel development services, or are working with it along with your in-house developers, you will definitely feel the difference of developing small and large applications using this framework.

Using the MVC framework also simplifies the coding structure of an application and lets you make use of unstructured code.

  • Dynamic Source Code

When you make the decision to hire Laravel developers, this benefit is going to come in handy.

Laravel is a PHP framework, and the source code of PHP is of a flexible and versatile nature.

It suits well to all the popular platforms which exist today, for instance, Linux, Windows, UNIX and macOS. In addition to this, it also has the ability to back most of the popular servers and around twenty databases.

The above points basically make it obvious that PHP is used by almost all companies to build cross-platform applications.

It helps a particular business to grow with minimum expense.

  • Laravel development is quicker.

This benefit is extremely crucial for any kind of business.

When you take up a project from a client, the deadline is the most important factor that you need to keep in mind, no matter what the scale of the project is.

A lot of things depend on the fact of whether you can make a delivery on time. You can either retain or lose the loyalty of a client, depending on this factor. Your goodwill also hugely depends on this factor.

Laravel provides the developers with the freedom to reuse a previously written code, which saves the overall amount of time spent on a project.

Reusable PHP segments, reduce the hassle of the developers by a huge extent.

This makes it easier for them to complete their projects before the arrival of a deadline.

However, make sure that you invest money on an able Laravel development company so that you can access to skilful developers.

  • Cost-Efficient

This is perhaps the most beneficial feature of spending money on a Laravel development company. Laravel is based on PHP, which has been talked about in this blog.

This very characteristic makes it open-source and available for free. This very feature helps it in gaining loyalty from all the developers around the world.

A developer trying to download it is not charged any kind of fees and moreover,  it does not require any kind of licensing.

In addition to all this, there exists a number of solutions where PHP has already been employed and its viability has already been proved a number of times.

This means that agencies who are implementing Laravel for the first time, don’t need to spend money on reinventing or customizing it.

Wrapping Up

This article was meant to inform you in detail about the benefits of using this very popular framework in the year 2020.

It has gained an insurmountable amount of popularity in a very short period of time and it is only predicted to grow in the future.

With the framework being updated from time to time, there are chances that further new features will be added to the arsenal of this framework, which will make it even more dynamic and powerful.