Why Dubai-based Designer Anna Chybisova Is The Ultimate Success Story For Aspiring Creatives


Anna Chybisova in her latest cruise 2022 collection

Anna Chybisova in her natural self

Anna Chybisova wearing red dress from her collection

Having founded her own brand just six years ago, the Ukrainian-born designer is on an impressive trajectory to global success.

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Success stories come in all forms, but Anna Chybisova is a unique tale, one that should be applauded after such a tumultuous year for the fashion industry – after all, 2020 was a death sentence for so many small businesses and independent labels who weren’t able to weather the storm that came with the first wave of pandemic lockdowns.

The Ukrainian-born designer, who calls both Dubai and Paris home (depending on the time of year), who formerly worked as a private notary before venturing into the world of fashion design, recently secured an major investment for her brand Maison D’angelann – the next step in her journey of expanding her reach and establishing the brand on a global level.

The Gate Business Service, a private family office based out of the United Arab Emirates, has been announced as the latest investor to back the brand globally, as it secures an additional $2 million worth of investment against a majority stake within the company after having invested $7million late last year – and impressive achievement for a brand that was established only a few years ago.

“For more than six years, we have worked hard to create a reputation as a successful fashion brand and during the incredibly difficult period that was the pandemic, we did not give in to the panic and uncertainty. We focused all our attention on improving the quality of fabrics, templates, increased the size range and diversified the color palette of our new collection, carefully selected by a team of professionals – leading to incredible results,” Anna says, noting that while many of her peers within the industry found themselves in dire situations during the pandemic, Maison D’angelann’s sales increased. “With the company’s new management and impressive investments, we plan to strengthen our position in the Middle East, Europe, and are working towards conquering the American market.”

Best loved for their feminine silhouettes and dresses embellished with Swarovski crystals, it’s easy to understand why Maison D’angelann’s creations have become very popular with clientele from the region. “The message behind the brand is that a woman can always remain elegant, feminine, bright and gentle, regardless of her profession, age and occupation,” notes Anna, elaborating on the concept behind her latest creations. “We tried to create a collection that our clients could wear anywhere, for almost any occasion and any weather.”

And how exactly does Anna stay ahead of the curve when it comes to both business and creativity?

“I devote a lot of time to self-education and use every opportunity to increase personal growth. I study history of fashion and style, biographies of great women who have influenced fashion in one way or another,” she says. “I analyze the results of my team’s work, as well as our competitors, but still the decisive factor is my intuition.”

Follow Anna on Instagram @anna___chybisova and for more information on Maison D’angelann, visit maisonangelann.com

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