Why Customers Are More Attracted to Custom Boxes as Compared to Standard Boxes?


Custom packaging boxes are becoming increasingly popular in the retail industry. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard for a store owner to decide what type of custom box they should use. However, there is one major reason why customers are more attracted to custom boxes as compared with standard ones: customization!

In this blog post, we will discuss Why Are Customers More Attracted to Custom Boxes Compared with Standard Boxes? and then go on to briefly explain the benefits of custom packaging boxes for your emerging businesses.

Custom boxes are becoming a popular choice for retail packaging because of their ability to attract customers. Take a look at these statistics:

  • 60% of consumers said they would rather buy from an online retailer that offers custom packaging than one that does not.
  • 45% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that offers custom packaging than one that does not.
  • 72% of consumers believe that custom boxes make them feel more brand loyal, and 75% say it makes the product seem more luxurious.
  • 50% of shoppers will spend up to 10 extra minutes browsing through products if there is custom packaging, so you can see why this trend is rising in popularity.
  1. Brand Awareness

Some people might think that using branded packaging is a waste of time and resources, but in fact, it does wonder to promote your brand. Your logo will be seen on the box at every corner store all over town, as opposed to just being posted on social media or hanging from banners outside these stores.

The beauty of custom boxes with logos printed onto them? They are reusable! You can use one package again and again for different products – never having to worry about scrounging up containers because you’ve run out of packing supplies ever AGAIN!

In this blog post, I will be talking about the rising trend of custom packaging in the retail industry. This is why customers are more attracted to custom boxes versus standard ones. In addition, businesses can benefit from these branded boxes as well.

Many people find custom boxes with the company’s logo as a way for them to express their unique personality and style, which is why they choose custom packaging over standard ones when possible. This is great if you’re in retail because it will help attract customers into buying from your store rather than someone else who doesn’t have such an eye-catching package on display at every corner store all over town.

What’s not to love about these reusable packages? They can be used again and again without wasting any materials or having to worry about storage space due to limited container space! Why are customers attracted to custom boxes? It gives them the opportunity of showing off their uniqueness within a creative little box that says something

  1. Excitement

Custom boxes are going to excite your customers because they’ve never seen anything like them before outside of a TV commercial. They’ll be intrigued by the idea that someone would put so much effort into creating such an unusual box and displaying it in their store window or table at an event.

The custom packaging is customized for you, which means you have full control over what design features are used on the exterior appearance and how many colors or patterns will be printed on the inside label. You can even choose from several different sizes! This customization allows companies to stand out from competitors who may look similar with just standard white cardboard boxes.

  1. Loyalty

Customers are more likely to form a personal connection with your brand if you create custom packaging boxes because they will associate the design elements of the box with being uniquely designed for them. This, in turn, inspires customer loyalty that keeps customers coming back and bringing their friends!

Custom packaging will make it seem like the customer is getting something special just for them. The excitement of receiving a package on their doorstep can lead to repeat sales as they want more!

  1. Shareability

Custom packaging boxes are a perfect way to get your brand out in the world! If customers share pictures of their prized package on social media, it can help grow your company’s popularity.

A custom box with a catchy design will be more likely to catch people’s eye and gain them as new followers for your business page or email list subscribers.

After I ran this blog post by my friend, who is an avid blogger, he said that we should include bullet points within each paragraph, so readers know exactly what they’re reading about at any given time. He also suggested adding some images throughout the content, which would make it easier to read- especially if someone has been scrolling through screens for a while without taking breaks. So here goes:

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are exploring the idea of custom packaging. You can use social media to harness a potential customer’s interest in your business. Encourage more unboxing videos by making sure every package has stunning packaging that will make it stand out amongst its competitors.

  1. Luxury

The cost of premium printing is an investment that pays off. When it comes to branding, there’s nothing like a well-designed package with your logo front and center.

If they think you deserve all the time, effort, and money spent making their purchase special, then chances are they will not only buy again but recommend you too!

  1. Promote Your Value Adds

Custom packaging is a way to promote added value. This could be anything from inside the package, like an extra product or a coupon code for future use, to the outside of the box with tags that tout your business’s customer service policy and return policies.

Why not advertise your eco-friendly, charitable tendencies on the packaging you carry with you? Let other brands know that they’re up against a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Retail-Friendly

“If you want to make it easy for retailers, then offer them a deal they can’t refuse.”

The first step in getting your product on the shelves is by making customers an irresistible offer. Something about your product should make people say yes without hesitation!

  1. Cost-Effective

Customizing your packaging will allow you to save money on production costs instead of buying more stock for a different size. This also means that inventory turns over quicker than it would with standard boxes and labels since there’s no excess material sitting around.

A custom printing promo is a great investment for any emerging business. Promotional printing can’t be beaten in terms of ROI, and it only takes one promotional print to pay off the investment!


When it comes to packaging, most people automatically think of a standard cardboard box. But what if you offer your customers something that was more personalized and tailored for their needs?

Custom boxes are an excellent way to stand out from the competition and show potential buyers how much they matter. However, there are many vendors available for online print services. You can get best custom boxes from there. These types of boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one perfect for whatever product or brand you sell on your website!