Which Paintball Gun is the Most Accurate?


Your chances of winning paintball game depend heavily not just on your aiming proficiency and battle strategy, but the accuracy of your paintball gun. Ask any paintball professional players, and the overwhelming majority will rate accuracy as the most important factor to consider while buying a high-end paintball gun. Your gun must fit your playing style to thrilling experience with maximum accuracy in the field. 

Apart from design and technological edge, you need to master the art of accuracy to get the best out of your paintball gun. Several factors come into play in deciding which gun has the maximum accuracy. Before finding which paintball gun is the most accurate in 2020, here are some tips to improve your accuracy on the battlefield.  

Tips to Improve Your Paintball Accuracy

Your paintball gun might be the most advanced marker with the highest accuracy rating, but that is not a guarantee of success in the field. The effectiveness of the gun depends on your shooting proficiency and, of course, how you handle your marker. Keep reading to know what experts say about improving paintball accuracy. 

  • Maintenance Matters  

Thanks to technological advancement, unlike past, now it is pretty easy to maintain your paintball. Keep your gun in good shape to let it fire accurately until the last shot. You should follow the maintenance manual, but never use oil in your paintball marker other than specifically mentioned. Use oil in the right amount to keep your O-rings functioning. Excess oil will attract more dust.   

Your gun will collect dirt and mud in the field, so you have to keep it clean to get the best result. It is better to avoid dismantling your gun, but if you are doing so, then remove the barrel and clean it with a squeegee. 

  • Practice

Even the most advanced paintball gun will not help if you don’t know how to aim and shot. The only possible way is to improve accuracy is by practicing and playing. Just like any other sporting skill, you have to keep on repeating to improve accuracy, even in the most stressful situation.

  •  Supporting Accessories 

You have the best paintball guns and extraordinary shooting skills, but having some suitable additions could help you improve the accuracy of your paintball gun. Upgrade the barrel of your gun, and go for high-pressure air tanks instead of a CO2 bottle. You can improve accuracy significantly by opting for a double trigger, response trigger, and electronic trigger. 

Most Accurate Paintball Gun in 2020 

Your search for the most accurate paintball gun in 2020 will get an answer now. Detailed research based on analyzing design, usability, features, and most importantly, user feedback from across several platforms suggests that Planet Eclipse ETEK5 is the most accurate paintball gun in the market.  

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

If you are looking for a world-class paintball gaming experience full of thrill, then you can rely on Planet Eclipse. Known for its top-notch paintball marker manufacturing, Planet Eclipse ETEK5 is rated best for its accuracy, ergonomic design, and flexibility. If you are a speedball format lover, then this is the most accurate paintball marker to redefine your gaming experience. 

  • Perfect Design 

Designed meticulously to offer perfect for all types of players, the Planet Eclipse ETEK5 paintball gun offers you advanced features to make you a perfect combatant. Besides the large valve chamber, Eclipse ETEK5 has a magnetic trigger return, ramping and semi-auto modes. For comfort, the marker has a console and a contoured double-density grip. The infra-red break beam sensors make it unique among the best.

Paintball gaming is all about fun, full of thrill. Planet Eclipse offers you several color options, including forest and earth camouflage patterns. 

  • Fire Power

Planet Eclipse is known for producing paintball guns of perfect shot quality and feel. If you are looking for a paintball marker for speedball, Eclipses ETEK5 is better than Empire Axe and Tippmann X7. You have amazing firepower handling flexibility, suitable for all types of players.  

  • Accuracy

Well, nothing beats Planet Eclipse when it comes to accuracy. Perfectly suitable for intermediate and advanced level players, this gun is rated best by professionals for its accuracy. Just get some suitable accessories to make it lethal. You can adjust the trigger to get a perfect shot, constantly. 


  • Thanks to ergonomic design, Planet Eclipse is very easy to maintain. 
  • The right mix of quality, durability, and cost 
  • Accuracy rating of 99% 
  • Camouflage color options for wood paintballing
  • It is lightweight, so easy maneuverability

Some Other Most Accurate Paintball Guns 

Empire Axe

This electronic marker is one of the best in the category for speedball play style. Designed to offer ease of use this 2.4 lbs gun also has an accuracy rating of 99%.

Empire BT Dfender

If you are looking for a high-quality paintball gun for Woodsball or Scenario play style, this could be a great option. With an accuracy rating of 100%, this electronic gun weighs 4.2 lbs.  

Tippmann X7

From the bastion of Tippmann, this 3.14 lbs lethal masterpiece is a great option for Woodsball play style. However, the accuracy rating of this mechanical/electronic marker is just 91%.