What’s in it for the Horse?

Carl Bledsoe, Gaited Horse Clinician

Carl Bledsoe

Tammy Bledsoe, Georgia Horse Fair

Tammy Bledsoe

Carl and Tammy Bledsoe, Georgia Horse Fair ‘21

Georgia Horse Fair

This is a question Carl Bledsoe asks when working with horses.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Carl focuses his work on both the rider and the horse to develop a working partnership that benefits both partners.

Carl and Tammy, owners of Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship in Talking Rock, Georgia, appeared yesterday at the Georgia Horse Fair & Expo as the gaited horse clinician.

Carl works with all breeds and disciplines and he and his wife, Tammy, have made it their life’s mission to speak out against the mistreatment and misconceptions of the Tennessee Walking Horse and bring awareness to this amazingly talented and tolerant breed as well as all the other gaited breeds. They also work with owners to help horses with rehab and strength development needs.

You can follow their work on their Facebook page Just Gait. Tammy shares updates about the horses currently in their training program and upcoming clinic information along with video commentary from Carl regarding various aspects of training and his experiences with horses.

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