What is the modern mobile app development process?


Came up with the mind-blowing app idea? But, confronting the great app idea is not enough in yielding a feature-rich and reliable mobile app solution. Receiving a UI UX riched & fully-functioning mobile app solution takes ample effort, agile approach & modern mobile app development process.

Whenever we come up with the thought of building a mobile app, we know that various steps and sections come in the way of developing an app and every app developer performs them to get the quality product. So there is a process that is already existing for app development, and that is very traditional. The world uses the same app development model to build its mobile & web app solutions, which is the conventional app development process.

As the world is getting smarter, everyone has started using modern tools & technologies to stay updated in the competitive world. So, why not, we are adopting a modern app development approach?

Let’s know what is modern app development approach?

Unlike traditional approaches, research, designing, development & deployment, the modern app development process is indulged with various in-depth techniques and methods. Therefore, multiple aspects need to be performed wisely while developing a mobile application. Here, find the mandatory and modern approach that should be implemented while performing the app development process.


 A proof-planning is required to initiate the modern app development process. Before you dive down into the app development process and have done the pre-app development tasks, you need to note down the & stress out development tasks. A definite requirement and estimated delivery time, and the complete walk-through of every function and feature are all required in proof-planning the modern app development process. Once these are all done, distribute them among your developers and designers as per their availability.

App’s Backend Development

Back-end development is the unseen part, but it is considered the main and middle of the mobile app development process. Whenever you build the prototype and try to provide the solution to your target audience, you need to prepare the checklist of the backend tasks, which should be done under the provision of a techie.

There are certain aspects that you’ll need to perform and provide clarification to your users.

  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical stacks
  • Milestones.

App’s Front-end Development

The front-end development of the app development process is one of the major components that should be implemented & performed while being checked and supervised. As the era is continually changing and revolutionizing day by day, brands and designs are constantly revolutionizing. Therefore, you have to walk according to the trend and keep your mobile app architect attractive and friendly to attract & satisfy your user level. While performing the front-end development work, developers need to use API sockets and particular stacks to manage the data inside an app. Thus, the modern mobile app development process consists the well-defined front-end development tasks.

Perform Overall Testing 

Testing is the fundamental task of modern mobile app development, where hidden flaws and bugs are analysed. The testing tasks are given to experienced Quality analysts who have strong skillsets and thoughtful approaches in testing apps. There are various types of testing, and QA s has the proper skill-sets in performing every testing.

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Device-specific Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Whenever the bug has been experienced, assigned QA acknowledges the same and resolves them after categorizing them based on the testings mentioned above.

App deployment: Launching

After performing the development part consisting of the pointers mentioned above, when it comes to app deployment, the modern app development process is quite bifurcated and enhanced step-wise. As a result, there is various prospective on which the app deployment can be measured upon.


Whenever you are experiencing and performing the app development process, the modern app development process says that one should put light on every aspect that is much needed and mandatory. Speaking of the modern app development process, one will need to host a backend server for their digital product. All the web servers have only one task to manage and transfer the data inside the application. Your app’s performance somewhere depended on servers as well. So, before you go live with the app, make sure that the potential of your server is enough.

Utilize some SaaS platforms. Examples of servers are Amazon and so on. So choose the servers as per your app’s potential and pricing that will suit you.

App Stores: Places to list the App

After the app development, it’s time to list or submit your mobile app to a specific app store, App Store or Google PlayStore. There are some steps to follow while listing your application on the stores, and there are some conditions or criteria that your app submission process should confront. There are some guidelines of that particular app store platform for every OS, and your app must qualify them. After that, follow the steps and fill the forms with some asked content about the app, and then you can go.

If we compare Android or iOS, iOS has strict guidelines that Android to follow. IOS has several restrictions and strictness than Android. If you miss anything to mention, it may cause your app submission rejection.

Monitor the App: To refine the app’s functionalities

Once your app idea came across multiple phases of the app development process, it comes under app monitoring. Once the app arrives at the monitoring stage, it’s time to release app in front of the public. As the app monitoring process is an essential part of the modern app development process, it should be done even better. 

Performance, Crashes

When you develop an app, you must tick all the checks upon which the app’s performance and up-gradation depend. Check all the technical aspects of the application, its performance, its usability, and technical glitches. App performance depends upon the speed of the application, how fast your app is, how better your app is. Hence, the performance checklist is the mandatory checkbox to tick.

You should also check whether there are areas left that mark the app crashes. Finally, you should check and remove all the ambiguities that are responsible for app crashes.

However, the world follows the traditional app development process; it’s time to follow the modern app development process. The modern app development process can be complicated as it carries various steps and processes to work upon. Still, if you are developing an app and following the modern app development process, you’ll leave no stone unturned in the process of achieving a great app.


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