We all need to “LIVE THROUGH LOVE”


Living love through art and expression

The Ruben Rojas lifestyle of “LOVE”

Ruben Rojas giving Love to his baby

Love comes in many forms. Love is not just an action or a word – it’s a concept that is all around us at every minute of the day.

Many of you know this way of life and proudly live it. These products can serve as a reminder and be given as gifts to those you love.”

— Ruben Rojas

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — -Love is a powerful word, but when “LOVE” becomes a tangible concept through art and clothing, it takes on a physical presence that transcends the spoken word. Every human being on our planet wants and needs LOVE and can strive through Ruben Rojas’s collection, where each piece reflects his aim to “Live through Love,” to become a part of sharing a much-needed message in this day and age.

In 2013, Ruben Rojas traded in his suit and tie for a paintbrush and canvas and has dedicated his life to embracing the idea of “living through love” ever since. Ruben’s message of love is expressed throughout his work, and his personal interpretations of the simple word are reminders of the special moments, miraculous connections, and emotions that everyone deserves to experience in their lifetime.

Ruben’s goal is to utilize a plethora of mediums to spread love to communities worldwide. His main collection, featuring his “LOVE signature,” is meant to remind everyone and anyone that they are loved and accepted. His newest line, “Smiley”, encourages us to find a reason to smile and choose happiness every day – especially in the face of adversity. The “You Belong Here” stickers reflect on one of the most important and often overlooked kinds of love – self-love. The past year has allowed us to take the time to prioritize our mental and physical well-being, laying the foundation for us to be able to give and love from a place of strength.

Love in its many forms has literally laid the foundation for another of Ruben’s recent ventures – the artist was specifically sought out and commissioned to paint the exterior of a house in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach neighborhood to be designated “The Love House.” While the home will be a private residence, the architect and Ruben intend for it to be a neighborhood landmark and a source of inspiration for the LA community and beyond.

In his own words, Ruben describes his work as: “Much more than a clothing line and print collection…more than slapping some graphics on a hoodie to sell it. This is my life. And the commitment it takes to show up daily and choose love. Many of you know this way of life and proudly live it. These products can serve as a reminder and be given as gifts to those you love.”

Whether it be self-love, the love found in life’s little moments, the love you share with a partner, or the platonic love you share with family and friends, choosing love may not always be easy, but it is essential. As our world and hearts begin to open again, Ruben’s mission will be more timely than ever. His empowering murals are currently located all across the world in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. They represent the true beauty of human connection, even during a time when being physically together is not always possible. As life goes on, having simple reminders such as Ruben’s Love Mask, Hoodies, or Art, will keep you and the people in your life hopeful, inspired, and ready to spread love.

Samantha Hartley