Want to improve your 2021 revenues? Benchmarking may be the answer.


DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Commercial building and facility managers are often charged with uncovering ways to reduce energy consumption and costs. And although they may deploy some ad-hoc efficiency solutions that deliver lower energy expenses, what they tend to overlook are ways they can boost the revenues of the building or facility itself.

And that where Energy Benchmarking comes in.

Energy Benchmarking may not be a new concept for many building or facility managers, but very few are leveraging its full potential. Most see it purely as a way to compare their building or facility to other similar ones in their area, and then use that comparison to gauge how they can improve their own energy efficiency efforts.

But what is often overlooked is how the data gathered from a professional Energy Benchmarking can actually be used to help identify hidden opportunities for new revenue generation. For example, occupants of energy-efficient buildings benefit from greater comfort, which translates into higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, and better well-being – all of which contribute to greater revenue production.

Additionally, professionally benchmarked buildings/facilities are more attractive to lenders, as they represent a more transparent (and safer) investment risk. That can make a huge positive impact on a company that is looking to secure greater lines of credit or financial resources for things such as new product development, hire more sales and support staff, or expand into new markets – all elements which, again, can contribute to greater revenue production.

And, commercial (and even residential) tenants are increasingly agreeable to spend more to acquire energy-efficient spaces.

The energy experts at Alternative Utility Services (AUS Energy) have been leaders in Energy Benchmarking since 1993, and have a long, proven track record of helping commercial buildings and facilities leverage the revenue-generating benefits a professional Energy Benchmarking provides.

An energy-efficient building or facility has benefits that stretch far beyond just ‘savings’; it represents a solid, smart pathway to improving revenues. And in today’s uncertain economic climate, that is a strategy too important to ignore. Energy Benchmarking with AUS Energy is the intelligent step to making that happen.

Commercial building and facility owners and managers interested learning more about the Energy Benchmarking the can contact AUS Energy at 800-392-4287, email at info@ausenergy.com, or by visiting https://ausenergy.com/benchmarking.

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