Vijaya Boggala – Expressing Creativity Through Photography and Art


When it comes to photography and art, both of them are linked to each other through creativity. Both the photographer and the artist need to be creative and have a natural talent to make and take outstanding pictures. Both art and photography are visual mediums, and they can be expressed through the eyes of an individual in any desired way.

 Vijaya Boggala – Merging art and photography together

In order to pursue art and photography, you do not need to make a career out of it. Both can be a hobby that one can embrace with a regular job. Vijaya Boggala is one such individual that has proved the above.

He writes abstracts for medical publications and resides in Greensboro, NC. He has contributed to several published studies in the field as well. He is fond of watching love sports in his spare time and works on different kinds of DIY projects. He is an avid photographer and is currently improving his landscape, slow shutter speed, and action photography skills.

He loves to paint and prefers using oil and acrylic colors on different mediums. He is a devoted father to his four-year-old son.

When it comes to pursuing art and photography, he looks for inspiration from everything. In fact, even during Covid-19, he has expressed his views on some interesting subjects to photograph during quarantine and lockdown. For instance, he has shared on his blog a list of interesting subjects that you can photograph while you maintain social distancing while venturing out.

Quarantine at home will give you the opportunity to photography many subjects like food, plants, petty things like books, pens, home décor, your pets, and more. Exhibit your creativity in your photographs and hone your skills too.

Reinvent your talent

He says that though Covid-19 has put a brake on the jet paced life of people. It is difficult for most people to stay at home to avoid infection. However, this does not mean that you should sit at home and get bored. You can always pick up your camera and start to take pictures of even simple things at home and create a portfolio of photographs to go through later.

You can even use your smartphone for a photograph

To pursue photography as a hobby, you do not even need a sophisticated camera. Your smartphone camera is good enough, and you can always use it to hone your skills with success.

During the Pandemic, many people used self-isolation to pursue their hobbies. It is a time where you should not block your creativity. Allow it to flow freely. If you have a creative streak in you, you can play around with paint and lights as well. For instance, you can draw a picture and place a string of fairy lines on its outline. You get extra creative and take a picture of the same.

According to Vijaya Prakash Boggala staying authentic and creative gives you an extra boost in life. Besides work, you should pursue a hobby like music, literature, art, photography, or even writing to express yourself freely without any limits at all!