View The World From Stefano Azario’s Lens


Stefano Azario is a gifted photographer with the ability to turn every image into a story. This actual essence of photography is what makes his photographs stand out and has earned him global recognition. His interest in photography began at an early age when he discovered he had a great passion for it, and his talents have improved in a creative and compelling manner ever since.

As we begin to see the world through Azario’s eyes, keep in mind that you are about to be blown away by his adventures, which is full with vibrant colors, fascinating campaigns, and a touch of humor.

A Photograph As Metaphor

Azario’s images, are more than simply photographs; they are tales being told. This is another feature that distinguishes him from other photographers and demonstrates his ability to discover beauty in the most mundane of subjects. His recent series on puddles is a perfect example of the ordinary turned into the extraordinary with both emotional and tonal depth. Puddles. from a staring point of nuisance become a metaphor for life’s ups and downs. Whether he is shooting in natural light or in a studio, his photographs are always works of beauty with the greatest possible composition.

A Work Of Art

Azario’s work is nothing short of a piece of art. He says of his recent series, “The project is a mix of portraits and possible paths to follow or leave. I wanted to meet people and hear their stories, and I photographed routes to find my path ahead. There are photographs of those who have just arrived and those who never left, newborns and centenarians, friends and strangers.” His attitude is what maintains him at the top of the photographic industry.

As a photographer, Azario leads from the heart, whether it’s his delicate vision of working with newborns or his audacity in producing street pictures.

Whether he is shooting in natural light or in a studio, his photographs are always works of beauty with the greatest possible composition.

A Strenuous Journey

To get to the top, he had to put in a lot of effort and engage with many subjects in order to truly master his craft and himself. He also has five children of his own, and he understands their emotions well, which allows him to effortlessly deal with other youngsters. As a result, a major part of his 35 years of expertise as a photographer has been spent working with children. Azario has worked with major labels such as Benetton, Uniqlo, and Armani, to mention a few.

Throughout his career, he has won several accolades, including the 2021 Documentary Family Awards, Judges’ Choice, and the 2010 Communication Arts Award Winner Fashion Editorial, which has increased his public exposure and attention. His most well-known projects are Vogue Bambini, fashion articles for the magazine from 1993 to 2019, and Baby Gap and Gap Kids advertising campaigns from 1996 to 2019.

Viewing the world through Azario’s eyes is a sublime yet genuine experience, full of creative vision and his enthusiasm for capturing moving and impactful photographs. Azario’s photographs will undoubtedly captivate you, whether you are a photographer or simply admire the beauty of the earth.