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Master Dong Bao Tram – Beauty Expert In Vietnam

Master Dong Bao Tram – CEO Miss Tram Spa Beauty Center

Miss Tram Academy is one of the best skin care professional school with high quality are trusted by thousands of students

In Ho Chi Minh City, most people know the best permanent makeup, laser hair removal, and skin care specialist in Vietnam – Master Dong Bao Tram.

We focus on serving customers from the USA, Australia, India, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Japan in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Key services are hair removal, skin care, eyelash extensions, and PMU.”

— Master Dong Bao Tram, CEO of Miss Tram Beauty & Academy

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, May 10, 2021 / — The Professional Vietnam Beauty Expert In Vietnam – Master Dong Bao Tram

Profile And Individual Awards

Dong Bao Tram has been interested in the beauty business since her childhood. Her family owns an exclusive acne treatment secret. She combines this method with knowledge of modern makeup that helps to regenerate the skin of many women.

Since then, she has never stopped learning the latest beauty techniques. Early in her career, she realized that permanent makeup would be the preferred method of the beauty industry in the future.

This astute woman thinks perfect beauty is natural and safe. So she enrolled in formal courses teaching permanent makeup techniques.

She never ceases to learn and improve her skills even after establishing a successful business. She deserves to be one of the people who laid the foundations for permanent makeup in Vietnam.

In the makeup industry, Dong Bao Tram is one of the most honored names. She has won many great awards. Some of them are:

+ The Best Master Of Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing

+ The Best Master Of Microblading

+ Golden Hand PMU Award

+ Excellent Teacher Award In The Asian Beauty Industry

+ Many times she acted as the jury of international PMU competitions. Dong Bao Tram used to be an examiner for 2018 International PMU Competitions in Korea and the 2018 Young Talent Of PMU Vietnam.

+ She is also a vice-dean in the department of Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing at Hung Vuong Pedagogy College – Vietnam.

She is the primary source of her thriving business. For the past 21 years, she has performed well as the director of Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center and Miss Tram Academy.

The Career Of Master Dong Bao Tram
Dong Bao Tram decided to set up Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center in 1999. She lives to give women natural beauty – this is the core of her business.

There are 6 reasons why people visit Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center:

+ Professional staff is trained in Korea, Japan, the USA, and Germany.

+ Miss Tram Spa only accepts US and EU standards beauty products.

+ The facilities are up to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

+ Luxurious and modern space.

+ Enthusiastic and respectful consultancy.

+ Quality and safety service.

Miss Tram Academy is a leading address for professional makeup training. Here, Dong Bao Tram will help many people conquer their dreams.

There are some reasons why Miss Tram Academy warrants a good occupation:

+ Apply the most advanced beauty technology;

+ Suitable for students to move to work abroad;

+ Effective teaching model with a combination of theory and practice;

+ Certificate Vietnam, Canada, Australia, and the USA;

+ The program is available in 3 languages: English, Vietnamese, and Chinese;

+ Commitment to quality output and job security.

The following sections will provide more information about the activities of Miss Tram’s business.

Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center – The Best Services
Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center persists with the business motto: Natural beauty. This spirit is the essence that makes success.

The staff is the core of the company. Among them are many experts who have completed courses in Japan, Korea, the USA, Germany, etc.

Besides, this center offers the most advanced beauty devices in the world. These machines are from Europe and the United States. All they meet the standards of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

During 21 years, Miss Tram researched the best skincare and makeup techniques. Her spa commits to giving customers a satisfactory result at a reasonable price.

There are plenty of services at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center. Here is some information for reference:

+ Skin treatment: Micro-stroking technology combines with traditional oriental medicine. That procedure brings shiny skin for both men and women. This service will satisfy customers right after the first treatment.

+ Skin rejuvenation: This service provides an experience of cutlery-free beauty technology, which helps customers have young and safe skin.

+ Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattooing, waxing – laser hair removal, and microblading technology certified in Europe: This is the center’s leading service. Its advantages are a fast, painless turnaround time and a long warranty.

+ Japanese-style eyelashes: Miss Tram commits to not causing unexpected effects for customers. It guarantees naturally seductive lashes.

The quality and attitude of Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center attract a lot of visitors every day.

Miss Tram Academy – Professional School of Beauty – Top 10 Best International Spa & Training Institute In Vietnam
Miss Tram Academy was born to maintain the core values ​​of Miss Tram Natural Beauty. It trains young people who love beauty careers. The training helps them generate income for themselves.

Students will have access to modern equipment and an international standard curriculum. After graduation, they will have in hand approved certificates in Vietnam and worldwide. There are four occupations:

+ PMU – Microblading – Hair Stroke (lips, eyelids, eyes)

+ Advanced skincare and treatment: acne, melasma, freckles, age spots, aging.

+ Artist eyelash extensions, curling eyelashes

+ Makeup specialist

After completing their studies, they are qualified to work in any cosmetology center or run their own business.

Miss Tram not only gives an occupation but also teaches them professional ethics. Here each student has imbued with a core thought – natural and safe beauty. Miss Tram Academy deserves to be in the top 10 best beauty training centers in Vietnam.

Master Dong Bao Tram’s career journey has passed through many worthy milestones. Her two biggest successes are Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center and Miss Tram Academy. These are the most prestigious places in Vietnam for those who believe in natural beauty makeup.

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