Veteran Bay Area Female Rapper Thug Misses Brings Her Energy To The Hip Hop Scene With New Single ”99 U Ain’t 1”


CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Women struggled to get the proper recognition on the hip-hop scene for a long time. The style, the grit and the continuous output of amazing music by female rap artists made everyone turn their heads. This last year especially, even during a pandemic, women dominated the charts and kept doing so. Their determination inspired the ascension of many other talented artists.

Veteran Bay Area Rapper Thug Misses is doing just that. Raising her daughter by herself, she’s balancing her career and family life seamlessly. While the pandemic might have slowed some down, it pushed her to work even harder, leading her music to become even more successful than ever before.

Showing the world that girls and women can do anything they set their mind to, she is a one woman show, writing, recording and mixing most of her work. Her sound is a combination of hardcore rap with an underlaying touch of smooth sexy sounds. Her lyrics are unapologetic and potent, just like herself.

“I’m really expanding myself and digging deep into my art to push the boundaries of my music. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone’’ she says.

Throughout the last year, she worked on new facets of her art and the fruits of her labour are finally ripped and ready for the world to taste.

Her new single, 99 U Ain’t 1, is a gritty rock ‘n’ roll rendition of Jay Z’s 99 Problems, but with a twist. This song features her along with Hitta Slim (from Sick Wit It Records, the mastermind behind the hit song Jackhammer) and Mistah F.A.B. (owner of Dope Era clothing line and the genius behind the hit song NEW Oakland and Super Sick Wit IT).

Produced by Jason (JG) Gilbert with Eargazm Music Group, it brings a new kind of energy to her discography.

“2020 was the year to really find myself as an artist, studying my craft and rebranding myself. 2021 is the year of takeover!” comments Thug Misses.

With over twenty-five monthly streams on music platforms like Spotify, her career is just beginning. Her charisma along with the depth that she brings to her lyrics reaches new audiences effortlessly. She is raw. What you see is what you get. She is Thug Misses and is ready to take over the world with full force.

Black and Latina, she embodies sex appeal and is the voice of the new self-made woman.

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