University Research & Review Announces Initial Selections for Its Best Value College Alternatives Awards

Best Value School Award medallion for use by awardee schools

Best Value School Awards since 2012

The growing demand for technical skills has resulted in a confusing mix of schools. The new Best Value School Awards spotlight fifteen of the best schools.

We did a lot of research, so please take advantage of our work and visit our awardee selections.”

— Aleksandra Vukadinovic

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / — University Research & Review, grantor of Best Value College awards since 2012, today announced its inaugural Best Value College Alternative Awards. Fifteen organizations offering non-degree tech programs are recognized as Best Value Schools in the research group’s new website

Awardees are not ranked. “Rankings are a fool’s game,” said University Research & Review founder L. Joseph Schmoke. His view is mirrored by many others who conclude the value of rankings mostly appeal to administrators, alumni, and companies who profit from posting rankings.

Aleksandra Vukadinovic, director of the new Best Value College Alternatives award program, said, “Our comprehensive search for good, reasonably priced schools has for nine years been focused on colleges and universities. But the growing demand for non-degree skill programs convinced us to broaden our research and focus initially on the sector commonly referred to as boot camps. After taking a close look at this sector we selected fifteen schools as our first Best Value awardees in the College Alternatives category.”

Schmoke, a former university chief executive, says his company began paying attention to what he refers to as the skill school sector, when he read the book A New U – Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College (BenBella Books, 2018). Written by venture capitalist Ryan Craig, the book examines the surprisingly sad state of many college graduates who had not achieved the success promised by college degrees. The alternatives, like coding schools, make a lot of sense and should be given serious consideration, Craig suggests.

“These alternatives,” Schmoke says, “have been embraced by thousands of individuals, many with college degrees but without good jobs. It became obvious that we should add this sector to our Best Value School research program. With this select inaugural group of fifteen schools we intend to continue these annual awards, hopefully expanding into other sectors like health care.”

Schmoke and Vukadinovic encourage those thinking about adding to their skills inventory to take a close look at the Best Value School awardees Aleksandra says, “We did a lot of research, so please take advantage of our work and our awardee selections. It’s free. And unlike sites promoting software and coding programs, our awardees do not pay to be listed or promoted. This is also free to them.”

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