Top Tips on Post Christmas Cleaning


Holidays are the best days for a working person. Christmas holidays bring a lot of joy and happiness among people during the Christmas holidays there are parties, exotic foods, celebrations, lights, charming décor, visiting and so on.

The parties and gatherings are fun but when you have to clean the mess, it will cause burnouts. In this article, you will learn about tips and tricks about how to clean your place after Christmas Eve.

Post-Christmas cleaning can be daunting as because there is a lot of mess and dust for you to get rid of. There are mainly two ways. One you do the cleaning stuff by yourself or hire a professional company like ‘’’’’ to do the job for you.

Here are some of the great tips that you can take into account and avoid burnouts during cleaning.

Hire a cleaning company in London

Cleaning after Christmas parties isn’t easy. Hiring a team of professional cleaners can help you do the task effectively in a comparatively less amount of time. Hiring professionals can help you organize, clean everything while you get back into your activities on your schedule.

It depends where you live and which cleaning service you need to hire according to their reputation but if you are living in the UK then the best choice is to consider Unidido cleaning company as they are well known for providing the best services that you need. They can clean, organize everything. They provide services across the UK.

Cleaning your Premises Manually

Get the right cleaning supplies

While cleaning your place, the worst thing that can happen is running out of supply in the middle of cleaning. Organize and also buy stuff that you will most probably need during cleaning. Keep in mind that after the Christmas party the stains that you need to get rid of usually stubborn and cleaning can be hectic. So, you need to have the necessary supplies in bulk and create a to-do list to stay organized. Here are some of the supplies that you can consider while cleaning.

  • Multi-purpose spray
  • Stain Remover
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Garbage bags
  • Baking soda
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Dishwashing soap

Declutter as you go

Christmas following with the New Year holidays creates a good opportunity for you to remove unwanted or expired items from your home. De-cluttering is essential as not only unwanted items consume space but also make cleaning difficult.

Decluttering will allow you to clean your house at a faster rate and also as you will be receiving gifts from your loved ones, you will need to remove old items and replace them with new exciting holiday gifts. You can throw things that cannot be used further and usable items can be donated.

Involve the children

Holidays are a fun time, no matter at what age you are you will enjoy Christmas. The best way to do the cleaning stuff quickly is to involve children in your home with cleaning and other activities. Assign every child an activity according to their age.

This way cleaning will be more fun while things will be done quickly. You can also promise them rewards like cooking their favorite dishes after the tasks to get them more engaged.

Tackle stains immediately

You should always look for stains on the carpet, curtains, tables, couch and so on. during these holidays you may have several visitors that will come to your house or the children will have more time to play. Both ways, there will be some activities going on and you will have to face a number of stains in different areas.

Stains can cause problems if not removed on time. You will have to keep an eye and whenever or wherever they occur tackle them immediately. The longer they will be there, the harder you will have to try to remove them.

Don’t despise the dishes

During parties and other guest visits, you will have piles of dishes that will need to clean up. First, you need to create short moments during celebrations to clean all of them in short intervals and then rearrange them properly to avoid the mess. This way when the holidays are over you will not need to consume a lot of time and effort on them.

Create small goals

Pending everything to the end isn’t a good choice. It is better to take short breaks from celebrations and do the cleaning stuff from time to time to avoid the burden. Create small goals, write them, and get them done within a set time.

Focus on high traffic area

There are some points, areas of every house that suffer more use than others. With Christmas parties, they will have to suffer more. The best way to tackle high traffic areas is to clean them on daily basis. Waiting and pending every cleaning task at the end will only allow grime and dirt build-up to a daunting level.

Roll your sleeves and take out your cleaning supplies and give some time every day to clean those areas. High traffic areas include the kitchen, living room, and several other areas.

Deep clean

Deep cleaning is what you should consider cleaning your home during these holidays. Deep cleaning is also helpful in tackling dirt, germs, and grime effectively. Take this cleaning activity room by room. For the start, you should consider the heart of your home which is the kitchen, and then you can go to any other high traffic area of your home. Avoid the less dirty area at first. Deep cleaning is an effective and quicker way when you have the right tools and supplies with you. To tackle grime, you can use baking soda and also consider using essential oils to avoid any odor and to create a sweet, homely smell.


Cleaning your house is a daunting process after parties and celebrations. If you have sufficient time, you can do it by yourself or the other way is to hire professionals to help you out in cleaning your premises. In this article, you have learned, how to effectively clean your house without any hassle. We hope this article will help.