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INDIA, April 4, 2021 / — The use of LinkedIn in recent years has grown exponentially, and the number of reach and business platforms on the platform keeps skyrocketing. Prominent entrepreneurs and personalities are using the platform. These prominent users have hundreds of thousands of followers, and some are breaking the million mark. The top 7 LinkedIn voices will be highlighted in this context and what they do uniquely to attract followers and engagement.

LinkedIn is a platform with over 740 million members as of writing this, and over 100 million of the new followers joined in the last 1 year. LinkedIn only started as a platform for connection and adding business contacts. However, members and companies could follow, send and receive updates. The platform gives people the opportunity to publish content and share opinions. The posts from top influencers have helped the influencers, but it has also helped increase the visibility of the LinkedIn platform. According to LinkedIn, there are a little above 500 influencers worldwide.

Aside from reading this content, if you check out information on LinkedIn content, you will find these names there. It is also important to add that this list is not based on the number of followers; it is based on content quality, engagement, and outputs.

Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO VaynerMedia)
Who is he: Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly called GaryVee, is an entrepreneur at heart that helps business scale.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The VaynerX chairman has over 4.6 Million followers on the platform.

What he talks about: He talks about business growth, work ethic, empathy, and how young businesses can scale. He loves to talk about how using social media can get businesses to the next level. Too and always emphasizes how his WineLibrary Journey has helped him grow his career. He is also a sports card fan that talks about buying and selling sports cars, and lastly, he teaches people how they can make more cash from garage sales. GaryVee is a top influencer that shares the process and believes content is king. He always shared valuable content on using social media during the pandemic and what they should expect post covid.

James Caan (Founder Hamilton Bradshaw group)
Who is he: James Caan is a guardian and educator passionate about building business and backing talented people.

How Many LinkedIn followers does he have: The serial entrepreneur and former dragon have over 3.2 Million followers on the platform.

What does he talk about: He talks about how to get the dream job and how to start a business. He offers guidance to people in need of career advice, job seeking, video interviews, what professionals can do during the pandemic, the new normal, how graduates can have their break, and how people can get the best from their career. He was accommodating during the pandemic as he led a new wave and dimension for entrepreneurship.

Richard Branson (Founder Virgin Group)

Who is he: Branson is passionate about entrepreneurial ways that can change the world positively. Virgin Unite is one of the foundations he uses to unite people also create opportunities.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The entrepreneur, social good, and climate change advocate have over 18.4 Million followers on the platform.

What he talks about: He spends most of his time talking about and helping people build businesses that positively impact the world we live in. Richard Branson also talks about social issues, entrepreneurship, and climate change. Additionally, he shares information on what he has learned during the process of building the Virgin group. He is a man that likes turning ideas into reality.

Simon Sinek (Author, Podcaster and speaker)
Who is he: Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist with a strong belief in the bright future and how it can be built collectively.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The Optimist and Author at Simon Sinek Inc.
Have over 4.4 Million followers on the platform.

What he talks about: He talks about how individuals and organizations can create a great and lasting impact in the world. He inspires people to think, act, and operate to become leaders of organizations and run companies. He has helped transform company culture and created a good working space for people. During the pandemic, he shared tips on how people can maintain social distance without discounting, taking care of the body and each other.

Tej Lalvani (CEO Vitabiotics)

Who is he: Tej Lalvani is an entrepreneur who shares tips on investments and allows people to pitch proposals to him.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The entrepreneur and investor have over 158 thousand followers on the platform.

He talks about: He was one of the top voices on LinkedIn in 2020, which was because of his content and influence during the COVID-19 global pandemic. He feels the ideas he used in building the largest vitamin company in the UK can help every other person grow their business. With Tej Lalvani, launching a business has become better. Getting advice from an entrepreneur is different when you follow Tej Lalvani. He dishes out entrepreneurial ideas and tips on investments, building a business, and lots more.

Bill Gates (Co-chairman Bill and Melinda gates foundation)
Who is he: Bill gates is an Avid traveler, voracious reader, and an active blogger. He founded Microsoft, and he co-chairs Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The health advocate and philanthropist have over 32 Million LinkedIn followers.

He talks about: Bill gate is passionate about the health sector, and the bill and Melinda gates foundation have been doing a lot to help. He used his platform to educate people on how deadly COVID-19 is during the Pandemic and the best safety precautions that should be taken. Aside from health, he also talks a lot about climate change, and he keeps dishing content, ideas, and a way forward to make the environment and the globe a better place to live.

Tony Robbins (Author and Personal coach)
Who is he: Tony Robbins is an author, philanthropist, life and business strategist, and entrepreneur.

How many LinkedIn followers does he have: The author and business coach have over 6.4 Million followers on the platform.

What he talks about: Tony Robbins has been using his words to help people to have a breakthrough in their lives for over 30 years, and no matter the level of success people have attained, He has been talking about the power of virtual since the pandemic and how people can get the best from virtual space. Tony helps people take it to the next level. His passion for small businesses, students, and growth makes him talk more about these niches, and his live events and books have also been helpful.

This list of names of influencers sharing content to educate the public and change people’s lives positively. It is also important to add that the list doesn’t include the names of promotional influencers.

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