This Indie Production Company Is Challenging the CDC To Do More and Tackling the Black Vaccination Gap With #BlackVax


#BlackVax is a campaign that encourages those in the Black community to be the hero by getting a coronavirus vaccine and play an active role in rebuilding.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, April 10, 2021 / — Centient Imagine, LLC. dba, TEPHRA MIRIAM Communications and Productions is tackling the severe vaccination gap in the Black community caused by a lack of access, a lack of information, and vaccine hesitancy. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported a consistent vaccination pattern across states. Data clearly reveals that Black and Hispanic populations are receiving smaller shares of vaccinations compared to their shares of cases and deaths. Targeted communication and advocacy have been slim to none when it comes to encouraging people of color to overcome the obstacles in getting vaccinated, and the CDC simply has to do more.

“We haven’t done enough by any means to influence minority communities. Private brands and politicians do more on average to get messages across to the public, and we need to launch full-scale radio, TV, and social media campaigns to promote covid vaccine engagement,” said founder, producer, and author TEPHRA MIRIAM. “We don’t have to use fear. Let’s use the power of stories to inspire people to get a covid vaccine so that we can get back to doing what we love.”

TEPHRA started the #BlackVax social media campaign that asks people to share their own stories about what they love to do. Her “I AM” video tells her own story of why she decided to get the covid vaccine, and the video has been splashed across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Some of the campaign messaging includes:

Wanna save the world?
#Protecting our communities and our future requires rebuilding.
#Covid shots can save lives.
If you have questions, the CDC can help, and they are encouraging individuals to get any of the Pfizer, Moderna, Inc., or Johnson & Johnson vaccines that are available to you.
I AM an explorer, creative, a fighter, a business owner, AND I AM getting a #COVIDVaccine. Because life is worth living, and there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep the ones I love safe.
Will you join the movement by posting a story about who you are?

“We’re not there yet, and the truth is that right now, it’s challenging to get a covid vaccine. We’re not getting the word out, and just like every other commercial we see during campaign season is a political ad, every other commercial on the radio, TV, and on social media right now should provide help, data, resources, and information for minority communities to get these shots that will save lives,” said TEPHRA. “Time is of the essence.”

TEPHRA MIRIAM Communications and Productions is planning additional videos and digital collateral to support this campaign while raising money for national radio and TV ads. Please contact TEPHRA MIRIAM Productions for more information OR share the #BlackVax video or this #BlackVax image on your social media channels. TEPHRA is calling upon leaders in the Black community, influencers, and organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, Black Lives Matter, and the NAACP to speak publicly, share and support this campaign.


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