TheSalonGuy Announces First Gender-Free Haircare Brand



TheSalonGuy launches a gender-free campaign to promote the inclusivity of his current haircare brand

NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 5, 2021 / — Today, TheSalonGuy announced the first gender-free haircare company, making his products for everyone, regardless of their gender. His current haircare line will not only be cruelty free but also gender-free, for everyone to feel comfortable when using TheSalonGuy Haircare. These products will be listed on the regular site, for every individual to purchase, allowing them to express themselves.

The beauty industry is known to be stereotyped and categorized, which can make it a somewhat unwelcoming place for everyone. It is important to embrace yourself and express how you feel through makeup or a hairstyle. TheSalonGuy wants his viewers and current users of his haircare to know they are accepted regardless of their gender identity.

“I felt insecure being a bald guy that has a YouTube channel about hair, but I decided to embrace my insecurities,” says Stephen Marinaro, CEO of TheSalonGuy. “Gender depends on you and your outlook, we are all human beings that should feel comfortable to express ourselves.”

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As TheSalonGuy continues to make a name for himself on YouTube and with his haircare line, he will push the importance of gender inclusivity within the beauty industry. The haircare line will begin to feature on each product label, “gender-free,” to help grow the campaign and educate others on how they can help people feel comfortable.

“Everyone should be allowed to express themselves and we hope our products allow you to do that,” says Marinaro. “My content and products are for everyone because we are all human-beings who deserve to express ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin.” For more information on TheSalonGuy and Gender-Free, visit or watch TheSalonGuy YouTube video

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