The YOU beyond you


Ramzi Najjar – Multi Award-winning Author “The YOU beyond you”

An award-winning book that uncovers the true secrets of life and how they manifest in our reality, most of which goes unnoticed by the obstacles in our lives.

NEW YORK, USA, USA, April 30, 2021 / — Ramzi Najjar is an award-winning author who shared his thoughts on the path and practice of personal empowerment in this book. In his words, “Difficulties at work and challenging experiences have always made me think about life and its nature to overcome problems.”

The book began as daily entries in a diary, emerging from internal and external experiences, realizations, and contemplations of life over a significant period. These notes evolved into daily meditation and became a lifestyle based on a strong connection with the forces that shape life and existence. This book makes explicit the most logical explanation of the nature of our universe, and the former leads to the mechanics of life and how it works.

Ramzi, in disguise, endured tremendous stress amid the Lebanese civil war, where he witnessed all manner of destruction, explosions, and bombings. He began to find ways to deal with this kind of pressure and stress by looking at the other side of life from a very early age.

The renowned business magnate and the author brought together some of his timeless wisdom and experience in a new format to offer practical ways to transcend the current situation and achieve true fulfillment. It will show you how to wake up, become aware of the mind and body contamination within you to change your thought processes, give yourself a good memory and let the memory run your life, to name a few.

The book will let readers understand the great magic of life so one can see the big picture and trigger a deep transformation and notice the ability to go beyond his abilities, resulting in peace and goal attainment in all areas of their lives. It will also open you up to the stages of enlightenment and teach you mindful practices such as visualization and meditation, ultimately allowing you to attain greater awareness. “The YOU beyond you” is an explanatory book covering all dimensions of our reality. It is a demonstration of what life does and breaks and a moving story of what it takes to transform your life based on the dynamics and nature of our physical reality. By unraveling the dynamics of our existence that we have never talked about before, the book helps us realize and use a different approach to our lives, based on the actuality of life formations on a biological and psychological level.
The “YOU Beyond You” will reshape your thinking about the dynamics of life and avail you the elements and strategies you need to transform your life and mindset, be it a team that wants to win a championship, an organization hoping to win, redefining an industry, or just an individual looking to redefine their life.

As you read, you will understand how your relationships, health issues, finances, work issues, and more are affected by our mental toxicity that controls your space-time reality, and you will discover powerful processes that will help you move forward towards the positive flow of life. It’s your birthright to live a life full of all that is good, and this book will show you how to get there!
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The YOU beyond you
The YOU beyond you
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