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Jay and Jennifer Etheridge at Scottsdale Barrett Jackson

2021 Wraith in Raw Aluminum

Rear-view Perfection

2021 Combat Knight Wraith

Combat Motors

Jay is much more than his mere qualifications. He is a brand ambassador.”

— Ernest Lee

BIRMINGHAM, AL, USA, April 30, 2021 / — If you decide that a Combat Motorcycle is in your future, you will likely need to speak to one guy… and one guy alone. Seriously. He’s not a salesman, the title is demeaning to a gentleman of this nature. He’d better align with being the best man in your wedding. Someone you trust to deliver on the expectations you’ve set in your own mind. His name is Jay Etheridge.

Anyone can sell these things, right?! No. Combat Motors creates some of the most elite class machines in the industry. The machines built by Combat Motors, the P-51 Combat Fighter, F-117 Fighter, the FA-13 Combat Bomber and the all new Wraith, do not fit any form or adjective of a “typical” nature and neither do the support staff of Combat Motors. The Combat Motors brand rests on the shoulders of someone that upholds the ideals and expectations of each of their patrons. Enter Jay Etheridge, Brand Ambassador, the person that Combat Motors has entrusted to connect every client to the machine of their specific requirements – fine – “dreams”, the term is overplayed but these bikes are dreamy.

Jay is a Pennsylvania native that relocated to the great south to escape the brutally cold winters of the north. Starting his career in 1995, he is a tenured corporate accounting professional with a finance degree that he initiated at The University of Phoenix and completed at The University of Alabama in 2009. Combat Motors wholly trusts that the numbers he provides our clients are as close to accurate as they can be. However, Jay is much more than his mere qualifications. He is a brand ambassador.

Jay goes far beyond his accounting services for Combat Motors. His dedication to clients’ needs also goes beyond just fielding the calls and completing orders. He also personally delivers each machine to its new owner. Do you remember that saying where someone “eats, sleeps and breaths this stuff”? This is why Combat Motors uses the term ambassador. Jay goes above and beyond for every Combat Motors’ client by exuding the company’s founding principles.
Jay is driven to excellence because he has been empowered to do so. Ernest Lee, owner of the brand, in recognition of Jay’s innate ability to make those around him feel welcomed, has encouraged him to do nothing less for his clients. Even if you’re not in the market yet, Combat Motors encourages everyone to stop by the shop or at their booth at a show to say hello to Jay. You’ll find these words are given substance when you see just what kind of gentleman Jay Etheridge is.

Combat Motors is dedicated to excellence. Whether it is a simple inquiry to the price and availability of a pre-owned machine or something that is destined to be as unique as your one-in-a-googolplex personality, you will never feel pressured by Jay. Combat Motors is shaping the company to be unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past; from “Follow My Build” features that showcase your actual motorcycle being constructed, to the personal involvement of Jay’s assurances and support during the sales or service process. One call to Jay Ethereridge is all that it takes to become a part of history in the making.

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