“The Ox of Wallstreet”, Ahmed “G Money” Alomari, on How He Made 1 Million Dollars In A Day Trading Stocks


Ahmed “G Money” Alomari

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When I first started in stocks I was working 80 hours a week as a pizza delivery driver looking for a way out. My wife was pregnant with our first child and I was sick and tired of being stuck in the hamster wheel. The second I made my first trade I became infatuated with the markets. It wasn’t easy or glamorous at first. The road to success was filled with many bumps and bruises. But eventually through hiring mentors, educating myself and hard work I developed a strategy that made me millions of dollars.

About My Strategy:

My strategy might not be as sexy as #YOLO going “all in” on GameStop or DogeCoin but simply put, my strategy WORKS. I created my strategy around time = money. Quality over quantity. My strategy is not only time efficient for the beginner that has a 9-5 but also for the seasoned investor looking to compound wealth. Speaking of compounding wealth, something incredible happened to me last week I’d like to share with you. I reached a personal investing milestone. I’m going to let you in on how I made $1 million dollars in a SINGLE DAY. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just my strategy. I am not a day trader. I’m just a businessman, a father of 6, and an investor that learned how to Hack The Markets.

How I Made $1m Dollars In A Single Day:

The ESports market had been RED HOT and I wanted in. I did some research and identified new and exciting Esports company that met all of my criteria for investment. IPO shares were priced at $6 but because of high demand there weren’t many shares available. Shares opened up on the first day of trading at $21!

The IPO demand was through the roof so I immediately knew that I wanted to buy a larger position in the open market. I bought in at $23 and set a stop loss at $20 to protect my investment by limiting my downside. The stock closed that first day at $36 a share, a 600% gain on my IPO investment and 50% gain on my open market investment. My strategy consists of a set of rules. I always follow my rules so as the stock appreciated I took off 1/2 of my position into the close to protect my initial investment and gains.

When I woke up the next morning the stock was trading at $70 per share pre market. I quickly put in sell orders and by the time I was fully out of my position I had netted over $1.1 Million dollars in less than 24 hours!

Some people only dream of making a million dollars in a lifetime. I know back in 2012 when I was a pizza delivery driver making $5 an hour I never thought something like this could happen to me but over the years big returns have become the norm. Over the past decade I learned several high income skills that transformed my life forever. I have built multiple 7 figure businesses and made several million dollars investing in the stock market while being a husband and father of 6 children.

In my “Hack The Markets” stock market mastery courses, I stress that the first year of investing it’s absolutely critical to get a mentor because there is a huge learning curve. You need to be very disciplined and study as much as possible. It’s tempting to get “FOMO” (fear of missing out) and jump in the markets right away without learning a clear strategy but that is a recipe for disaster.

I have hundreds of students that worked with me on Market Mastery early on and found great success. I stress learning fundamentals early on but more importantly mastering mindset & how to break away from normal human psychology that often prevents investors from making money in the market.

I don’t just share my personal investment alerts with those that I am coaching, I also give in depth analysis as to catalysts, company structure and management as well potential time frame and my thesis why the stock might appreciate.

But if a new investor neglects studying and mentorship it’s going to cost them a lot of money. That’s why I love mentoring investors now so that they can save money by learning from my past experiences and exponentially improve their learning curve.

Would you just take the boat out into the ocean and start sailing around the world? Probably not. That’s incredibly risky. Even If you manage to steer clear of rocks, it could take you years of trial and error in learning how to navigate, raise the sails, preserve the hull, and everything else. Now rewind a little. Imagine when you first get your sailing boat, you spend a year with an experienced sailor and learn the ins and outs of sailing. By the end of the learning process, you’d be more skilled in sailing and better prepared to cruise around the globe.

That’s exactly why finding a trading mentor is important. The markets are the ocean, your capital is the boat, and your trading mentor is the experienced sailor.

So whether you’re a newbie or already trading, you probably understand some of the frustration that can come with the market. But you can improve your skills — and become successful by watching and following a time tested successful investor. I am here to be that person for you. With proper planning and hard work, anything’s possible.

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