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SWITZERLAND, May 7, 2021 / — May 2021 – The Nemesis is a forward-thinking platform focusing on creating interactive gaming and networking experiences for its audience. Users can interact, attend v-conferences, and communicate and enjoy video content directly within the platform. Instead of simply becoming passive observers, viewers can control an avatar in the game universe created by The Nemesis. This June, the platform will host a virtual event in a gaming world with design cues tipping the hat off to the world-famous Dubai Expo. This is a very big first, not only for The Nemesis but for the world of NFTs. This event is notably the first time an NFTs-dedicated virtual expo is set in a video game.

The virtual Expo will take place on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2021. On this particular occasion, The Nemesis partnered up with prominent international partners, such as The Cryptonomist, with the active participation of its CEO Amelia Tomasicchio. The Cryptonomist is one of the leading online resources concerning blockchain innovations, bitcoin, ICO trading, and more. Other partners include Coinsilium, as well as Tokenomi, Blockchain Swiss Consortium, as well as, and some of the world’s leading blockchain-based organizations around the globe. The involvement of such a broad range of partners and guests is helping build momentum for the event, which is expected to be witnessed by thousands of participants.

Giovanni Motta and his character “Jonny Boy” will be the featured artist of the event, but he will not be alone. The Expo will host international guests and speakers across various industries, including record producer Neil McLellan, entrepreneur and writer Aaron Koenig, crypto-investor Jurgen Hoebarth, community hacker and TEDx speaker Roxana Nasoi and many others.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the stunning environment based on the real-life setting of the Dubai Expo facilities. The Expo is a great opportunity for people to familiarize themselves with the full potential of the Nemesis concept, as they’ll be able to connect with others, check out talk shows and interviews, as well as playing games, and win some cool prizes! Companies or individuals looking to join as speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors have a chance to grab some of the last vacant spots! The process is simple. Simply head over to the Expo’s official website (linked at the bottom of this article) and apply for consideration.

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