The Most Valuable Wedding Gift


Innovative Book Provides Priceless Guide to Partnership Finances through Money Conversations

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — Money conversations are a primary challenge for partnerships and surveys have repeatedly shown that money is the primary source of stress in relationships, and it is no wonder – most couples receive little to no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the knot! Thanks to financial professional and author Roderick Givens, The Most Valuable Wedding Gift provides a solution for couples to talk about finances. The book goes beyond the basics and helps couples plan for forever after without the stress or fighting. And, the timing for this book could not be better with 2021 being touted as the year of the great pandemic wedding boom, with many couples having to postpone their 2020 wedding plans. The Most Valuable Wedding Gift is a comprehensive guide for any couple looking to merge finances with concepts, exercises and tips that reach beyond location, economic status and age. And, the fact of the matter is – financial conversations are taboo for anyone getting married, and The Most Valuable Wedding Gift is an easy in to open a priceless conversation.

“Most couples, even very successful ones, often limit their pre-wedding financial discussion to whether they should combine their checking and savings accounts,” said Roderick Givens, author, The Most Valuable Wedding Gift. “That’s really not enough. Marriage is about two people building a life together, and finances play a big part in that.”

The Most Valuable Wedding Gift provides the tools to answer questions and have productive discussions about not only money, but goals, communication styles, and more. It is not designed to tell a reader what to do—it is designed to help couples arrive at their own informed conclusions and move forward. And, most importantly this book is not just for people looking to get married but provides valuable insight into finances for any couple. The following points just a few key takeaways:

• Communication—How do you communicate, not just about money, but everything?
• Decisions and behavior—Why do you do what you do? How do you make money decisions?
• Taking stock—What do you know about your assets? (Hint: It is a lot more than what is in your bank and investment accounts.)
• Where you want to go—Have you considered your goals as a partnership? What do you need to think about now that you did not have to worry about before as an individual?
• Risk vs. return—How much risk are you willing to take to reach your goals?
Bringing it all together—How do you incorporate all of these concepts into a coherent strategy?

“When you consider the financial commitment that goes into most weddings today, it makes a lot of sense to invest a little time and money to help create a solid foundation for the marriage itself.” said Roderick Givens, author, The Most Valuable Wedding Gift.

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