The Importance of a Clean Email List: Why Email Hygiene Matters


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GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2021 / — The Importance of a Clean Email List: Why Email Hygiene Matters

Consider how much money you’ve spent on email acquisition. It may be the single largest cost for your email business. Acquiring new leads and converting them into buyers is the essence of email marketing. A responsive list is a profitable list.

But in order to operate an efficient, responsive and profitable email marketing business, your lists need to be clean. Free of bad email addresses, spam traps and “complainers.”

An email list that’s full of these three types of malicious addresses (plus others) will not only cost you in lost revenues, but can ultimately lead to your good subscribers never seeing your emails. Because your emails end up in their junk folders, further destroying revenue.

It’s why a clean email list is so important. Hygiene matters. Email Service Providers (ESP’s) and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) use algorithms that determine the “cleanliness” of your email lists. When they detect a high number of spam traps, bad email addresses (hard bounces) and spam complaints, they view your emails as unfit to inbox. They know if you’re a good practitioner of email hygiene or not.

ESPs and ISPs do their best to protect their reputations too. They don’t want their users to be bombarded with spam and they do their best to prevent this from happening. Even if you’re not spamming, those bad addresses on your list can make it seem to them as if you are. They judge you based on your hygiene. And your level of hygiene is your reputation.

It’s simple, really…

Bad email hygiene, you’re in the spam folder. Good email hygiene, your inboxed!But it only takes a few bad email addresses to ruin your sender reputation. And just a small number of malicious email addresses can absolutely crush your marketing efforts.So, the importance of a clean email list is obvious: a clean and responsive email list will allow you to inbox to more subscribers, get in front of more eyeballs, and convert them to buyers. Ultimately growing your revenues and profits.You see, ESP’s and ISPs love businesses with clean email lists. Free of hard bounces, spam traps and complainers (real email addresses of people who have a habit of hitting the spam button).The only thing they love more than clean email lists is this… continual email list hygiene.

Upkeep on your email lists shows them you’re a serious marketer with content and offers that should be seen. But cleaning your list just once won’t accomplish this. It needs to be done regularly.And there’s no better way to keep and maintain email list hygiene than with EmailOversight. Our multi-layered solution allows you to clean those malicious addresses from your lists, so you can get back into inboxes. We can even remove complainers who have yet to hit the spam button. Our technology recognizes email addresses of people who have hit the spam button in the past, even if they’ve double opted into your lists and haven’t hit your button yet. We can remove them before they do! We also remove hard bounces (invalid addresses), stale addresses, verify good addresses and eliminate spam traps and more.

Here’s how we clean your lists:

First, we scan the list, passing through our hygiene systems. Harmful addresses like spam traps, complainers, dormant email addresses and invalid email addresses are removed.

Then, emails are processed through our verification systems, sending a real-time “PING” to receive the proper response code back. This determines the validity of every address. Delivery based issues like hard bounces, mal-formatted emails, over-quota accounts and syntax errors will be found and removed.
A clean email list, using regular email hygiene from EmailOversight allows you to continue what you do best, grow revenues and profits.

However, rather than just cleaning your email lists regularly, you should also be sure your incoming leads are clean too. Instead of waiting for them to be removed down the line, you can do it immediately with our Validation API.

Our powerful application programming interface cleans and verifies addresses in real-time, as you’re harvesting them. And it’s simple. Just plug a piece of code into your websites, forms and other lead-gen areas and our API will help clean and verify those addresses live. Giving you the tools to keep you clean and inboxed with new email addresses.

You see, importance of clean email lists cannot be stressed enough. It’s paramount to a successful email business. And EmailOversight is here to bolster your success.

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