The Daily NFT to Launch One-of-a-Kind NFT Community this Summer


The Daily NFT

Christopher Michael Noble, founder and CEO of The Daily NFT

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Focuses on NFT markets, with aggregation and analytics centered on blockchain technology

NEW YORK, USA, May 7, 2021 / — The Daily NFT, a one-of-a kind Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community which specializes in data aggregation and analytics centered on blockchain technology announced today that it will be launching its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) this summer. After the launch, The Daily NFT will periodically release further features and additional platform services.

The Daily NFT is a different kind of crypto venture. It is for artists—by the people, for the people… The venture comprises a multi-faceted business that provides educational resources through its blog, newsletter, online magazine and community forum, in addition to covering NFT, crypto and blockchain technology news.

The Daily NFT succeeds by aggregating large amounts of data relevant to digital assets, such as NFTs and crypto, directly from blockchain networks and marketplaces. It then amalgamates the pooled data into user-friendly comprehensive reports.

The Daily NFT also provides cryptocurrency and other data analytics on request.

“We help artists, curators and institutional investors stay ahead of the market through real-time data analytics,” said Christopher Michael Noble, the founder and CEO of The Daily NFT.

The Daily NFT’s goal, Noble said, is to become the industry standard in blockchain-based digital asset analytics, as well as to build the world’s largest NFT community where anyone can feel safe and welcomed and be themselves, united by the freedom of expression.

Of his approach to NFTs, Noble said they were “designed for the artists and creators who will continue to be the life-force behind the movement.” The Daily NFT wants to contribute to the NFT community by being a place where people can participate without fear of being judged, used or misled.

Noble is an entrepreneur who has worked B2B and B2C in various industries as an operations specialist, multimedia engineer and business consultant for more than 15 years.

For more information about The Daily NFT or to subscribe to its newsletter, visit The Daily NFT can also be followed on all social media platforms.


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