The Center for Rapid Recovery Will Open on May 1 as the Only Non-Government Permanent Vaccination Site in Hempstead


First Faith-Based community organization to provide vaccinations in communities of Color continuously

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y., USA, April 30, 2021 / — The Center for Rapid Recovery (CRR), a minority-focused, faith-based behavioral healthcare organization, will open on May 1 as the only non-government permanent vaccination site within the Village of Hempstead. Located at 312 Greenwich Street, this would be the first distribution site with “residency” within The Village of Hempstead—directly supporting communities of Color and all surrounding residents. It is also the first Faith-Based community organization to provide vaccinations in communities of Color continuously. The Center will provide both day and evening vaccination to this diverse community of Color.

Where and how people can sign-up for and access vaccines have direct implications for who will receive them. People living in underserved and disproportionately affected areas may face increased challenges accessing vaccines due to more limited resources available to navigate online sign-up systems, lack of transportation, and other access challenges.

CRR is committed to ensuring individuals can access the vaccine, making sure people receive clear information that explains how and when they can obtain the vaccine, and addresses any concerns or questions they have about the vaccine is essential to pre-and post-engagement planning. The Center integrates culturally competent and linguistically appropriate care in our outreach and service delivery by assisting in Creole, Spanish, and other native tongues to complete the mandated paperwork. It will partner with other community organizations to promote vaccinations and address vaccination hesitancy in Color communities by addressing questions and concerns.

As a respected and engaged community organization for over 25 years, CRR is well situated to be a leader in the fight for the community. It is focused on being a proponent of “our vaccinations for our community.” CRR has incurred the cost to convert its facilities to address this pandemic with the full force and effort of its combined cultural history.

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