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The Bridge of Hearts: Building Trustworthy Connections

The Bridge of Hearts: Building Trustworthy Connections

Johnny L. Dudley

Johnny L. Dudley

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Johnny L. Dudley Explores Building Trustworthy Connections

Following Christ has everything to do with removing walls and building bridges in the spiritual realm.”

— Johnny L. Dudley

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2021 / — Building trustworthy connections with God and others is more about giving love than receiving it. To investigate God’s spiritual requirements for giving love, Johnny L. Dudley uses the pattern God gave through Moses on Mount Sinai. God’s heavenly pattern is clearly about building trustworthy spiritual connections, made evident by those rituals the high priests performed. In Exodus 25:22, they had to meet the pattern’s requirements before they could enter God’s holiest to commune with his Spirit, who was seated above the mercy seat.

In The Bridge of Hearts: Building Trustworthy Connections [Consecrated Press, LLC., November 2020], Dudley uses the heavenly pattern to share insights and revelations about building meaningful spiritual connections from heart to heart. His purpose is to perfect our quality of life with God and others. Using his personal experiences and stories, Dudley illustrates how God’s pattern is a divine schematic for connecting living souls. He shows how Moses, Aaron, and the Levite priests used the pattern’s steps to enter God’s holiest and reconcile their erratic hearts with God’s. Then Dudley shows that after becoming the sin of our world, Jesus met the requirements of the pattern to reconcile his heart and ours with God’s too. And by his daily extension of the pattern when he walked among us, Jesus built solid spiritual connections with many of those who followed him.

Throughout The Bridge of Hearts, Dudley carefully documents his insights with many inserts and endnotes from the holy Scripture. His great objective being, to confirm his immense discovery that God’s pattern charts the straight and narrow way that leads to life, the way that few will find.

The Bridge of Hearts compels us to follow the pattern’s step-by-step instructions for following Christ, so our spiritual bridges will survive the challenges of time. Once we learn and embrace God’s simple and precise schematic for building these immortal connections, we will understand why our works are not about earning God’s love; they are about returning God’s love.

Insightful and profound, The Bridge of Hearts is an astute look at the practice of pure and undefiled religion in our everyday walk with God and others. Dudley is available for interviews, Q&A’s, and articles related to this and other topics, including:

– Religion versus relationship
– What it means to follow God’s pattern
– Does God’s pattern show us how to follow Christ?
– What the goal of the pattern is
– Is the secret place of our soul our holiest place?
– How do we protect our spiritual connections in everyday life?
– What does it mean to return God’s standard of love?

JOHNNY L. DUDLEY was born in Louisville, Kentucky, raised in Florida, and served in the Marine Corps in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. He is the father of three sons and presently engaged as a real estate developer.

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