The anti-COVID internship: Simformer launches a safe virtual internship program for students


Internships will be held inside the online business simulation. They are available for students studying Economics, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship.

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE, USA, May 7, 2021 / — Students had a tough time getting internships in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, remote and online internships have become very popular since last summer. Universities and business schools around the world have been making it clear that Simformer’s realistic business simulations are an effective alternative to regular offline internships.

That’s why our virtual internship program starts earlier this year. These internships are becoming available to universities and students around the world from the beginning of May 2021 via our website.

The online internship program has been created in the form of a realistic business simulator in which a student, in a virtual environment, manages his own business, masters management skills, and applies university-learned knowledge relating to business and economics.

This year, four types of business scenarios are available to choose from: “Balanced Retail”, featuring management of an enterprise within the regular retail industry; “Cloth Road”, which is focused on the management of a commercial production chain; “Motorcycle”, relating to the creation and launch of a complex, high-tech product, and finally “Path to success”, a startup simulator for those who want to become an entrepreneurs.

Simformer helps students to gain practical management skills while providing the teacher with a detailed report on the students’ virtual companies indicators and their total activities within the business simulation. Universities can order licenses for their whole course, or students can purchase internships independently, post-co-ordination with their teacher of course.

Hundreds of universities and business schools around the world have begun to apply Simformer’s business simulations to offer their students valuable managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Several years ago, a large-scale tournament on management and entrepreneurship named the ‘Simformer Business Cup’ was held, in which several thousand students from 400 universities across 40 countries took part. Moreover, in 2019, Simformer’s Business University Management Cup was held, in which several thousand students from more than 200 universities competed.

Detailed information about our business simulations can be found on our website.

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