The 4 main steps to close a deal with a partner in Dubai


Business meetings in Dubai vary by company, but establishing a good relationship is critical, as Emiratis rarely do business with people they don’t know and trust. To be successful, you must first comprehend the other person’s objectives, then make a convincing offer and overcome any objections. Here is how Eunion Capital approaches the deals.

The Beginning of a Meeting

Status is crucial while meeting and greeting in Dubai. Therefore, make sure to recognize senior and older attendees first. Handshakes are the most popular form of greeting. Business cards are typically exchanged at the beginning of a meeting, after the formal welcome, so having them on hand is vital.

In a work setting, you may find that your Dubai colleagues take a more modest approach to personal space, and it’s not uncommon to see someone standing extremely near to you or leading you by the hand.

Working Days of the Week

When planning a meeting in Dubai, keep in mind that the working week goes from Monday to Friday, so avoid scheduling meetings on Saturdays and Sundays. While it’s not uncommon to be kept waiting upon arrival, it’s important to be on time, patient, and kind at all times.

Research and Prepare

Before going into the sales process with an interesting prospect, you should do your analysis. Find out what the potential buyers’ goals are, as well as any current obstacles or issues. In a B2B situation, you can research both the company and the person making the purchase decision.

Set your expectations

 The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, and many people in Dubai look to Islam and Arab culture for guidance, even in business. Avoid making false statements about your product or company. Be specific about what your company can offer while delivering the deal. Make sure not to overpromise and leave a buyer disappointed. You should also give the prospect a comprehensive image of how your business works, laying the groundwork for future sales. Finally, you may demonstrate that you care about your prospects and desire to acquire their trust.


 Dubai places emphasis on hospitality; practically all meetings include coffee and pastries. Accept the food and beverages that are offered and praise the host for their hospitality.

Handling Objections

Pricing, availability, delivery, and product attributes may all be sources of anxiety. Take a proactive approach to these concerns wherever possible, and incorporate them into your presentation or conversation. If the possibility raises any worries, listen carefully and address them. Then you can calmly provide possible solutions or adjust your offer to meet the buyers’ needs.

Be prepared for some friendly negotiation, and keep in mind that verbal agreements have weight in Dubai, so be careful what you say when it comes to agreements, conditions, and refusals. Once the deal is successful, you must follow up to ensure that the goods or services are delivered on schedule, any concerns raised are resolved, and that your new buyer is satisfied with your service.  If you focus on the long-term connection rather than the immediate transaction, this offer can extend future purchases.

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