Symbolism, Vision and Honor – The Story of the Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels Logo


Understand the meaning behind the NWABF logo

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — If you’ve been following our NWABF blog and social feeds, you’ll see that great things are happening for the growth of the sustainable aviation fuel industry, (SAF), and the vital role that Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC is playing.

But in-between the big news like major funding announcements, we want to give you more of an insight into what makes our company tick. Earlier in the year, we profiled our ‘Championship SAF Super Bowl Team’ and each of the team members who are helping to lead our efforts to become a leader in SAF. These individuals are experts in their respective positions. Today, we want to delve deeper into our culture and why this Logo has so much meaning to our Team.

Notice the unique logo for Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC. It was created and painted by hand by artist Linda Windell, a self-taught Native American artist of Creek/Cherokee descent, and member of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, OK.

Our logo is intentionally different from the digitally-composed logos of other companies in oil & gas and sustainable aviation fuel industries. It had to be! We take our involvement in the SAF space, where we can offer improvement to the environment, very seriously.

The NWABF logo depicts a Bald Eagle holding a tree branch and flying over Mt. Rainier, which is synonymous with our location. The Bald Eagle is a classic statement, representing the Strength, Grace, and Tenacity of our operation and our team. The Bald Eagle is revered by the Tribes of our Nation.

The tree branch held in the Bald Eagle’s talons depicts the type of feedstock wastes we will receive from local Northwest resources, which will help to clear the forest floors, help prevent forest fires and offer better habitats for plant and animal life. The Totem Poles which are guarding the Bay at the Project’s Entrance, first came into existence in the Northwest from Northwest Tribes. We simply want to honor those Tribes with these symbols.

Last, but not least, the incredible symbolism of the airplane flying in the background over Mt Rainier depicts the positive effect we will have on the environment by eliminating most of the harmful fuel emissions now being put into the environment by airlines using petroleum-based jet fuel. This is a “full-circle” depiction of the earth’s elements benefitting man’s ingenuity and his inert desire and need for travel.

The NWABF logo has deep meaning for the company, its Founder, who is a member of the Okmulgee Creek Tribe of Oklahoma, and its principals. We believe our logo captures the emotional strength that we bring to the local communities, the environment, the industry, and the world.

We are lucky to have worked with Linda Windell on our logo. Linda’s work has been shown and still hangs in the Cherokee Museum located on the Cherokee Reservation in Tahlequah, OK, among other places. Known for her incredible work depicting real-life images of historically documented Native American War Ponies, as well as Native American Youth, Ms. Windell’s work has garnered two national awards, where she beat out companies like Kodak and IBM for her insightful and delicate artwork of a Corporate Brochure for an upstart Native American owned and operated Company located outside of Chicago, IL. Linda’s work was even selected for the cover of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Journal. Linda has loyal collectors throughout North and South America, Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. She has done “Commission” work painting Arabian Horses for Royalty in Saudi Arabia.

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