Sustainable Economic Development Program Launched for Native American Tribes & Reservations


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Structures created with light gauge steel (LGS) can be virtually any design. Shown here is a traditional Native American hogan.

DreamWeaver Homes introduces steel frame manufacturing business for Tribal Communities to create affordable housing and up to 300 new full-time jobs.

In addition to being fire resistant, the Quick Seal panels protect the structure from the high impact of tornadoes and hurricanes.”

— Blair A. Gilbert, CEO

LANSDALE, PA, USA, March 30, 2021 / — Released concurrently with President Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package that provides $20 billion for tribal nations, DreamWeaver Homes has developed a business platform that allows a Tribal Community the opportunity to create a sustainable business enterprise by producing superior, maintainable, GREEN housing with steel-framed precision manufacturing technologies.

As reported by the National Low Income Housing Coalition “Native Americans in tribal areas have some of the worst housing needs in the United States. They face high poverty rates and low incomes, overcrowding, lack of plumbing and heat, and unique development issues. Despite the growing need for safe, decent homes, federal investments in affordable housing on tribal lands have been chronically underfunded for decades, particularly in more rural and remote areas.” Additionally, there is a lack of long-term economic growth enterprise opportunities available for Native Americans.

Guided by DreamWeaver Homes™ and utilizing the company’s proprietary CAD-CAM equipment and design process Tribal Communities will be able to begin their own steel frame manufacturing business. The factory will be owned by the tribe or reservation and will product homes to be sold directly to developers, dealers, other tribes or reservations, as well as the Tribe’s own housing authority. The factory will produce precision manufactured homes and structures that are environmentally “clean”, superior in strength and quality, with a sustainable lifetime far greater than any other form of construction.

The technology incorporates precise engineered design principles pioneered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). The superior steel framework represents an estimated 9.8% savings over wood framing. The homes use steel siding and roofing that is rated as noncombustible and is arguably one of the best materials to use on the exterior of a structure.

The homes can be placed on permanent foundations and are built to the same building codes as stick-built or wood frame homes. The cold-formed steel (CFS) structures can be placed on-site and ready to occupy in a matter of days.

The DreamWeaver Homes system has a patent pending “Quick Seal” steel panel window shutter system solution that allows homeowners to deploy window and door protection easily and rapidly. “In addition to being fire resistant, the Quick Seal panels protect the structure from the high impact of tornadoes and hurricanes.”, Blair Gilbert, the company’s CEO said in a statement.

The factories will also produce steel studs and track, trusses, and floor joists along with steel frame panels for use in multi-family and commercial applications on and off the reservation. This will enable the Tribe or reservation to offer a wide range of products while countering the local economic challenges.

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