Stephen Stapinski, from Andover, Mass., Featured in Article on How to Succeed As an Performer


ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2021 / — Leading film actor Stephen Stapinski from Andover, Mass., was recently featured in an article providing tips for becoming a successful performer.

In the article, the writer explains that many individuals are discouraged from entering the performing field due to the challenges. However, according to the article, Stapinski makes a decent living from being a performer. Therefore, achieving success as an performer is easier than many people make it out to be—as long as they have the right skill set for the field.

According to Stapinski, one of the most important ingredients that people must possess to become actors is dedication to their craft. These individuals must constantly find ways of becoming better performers as well as pursuing better jobs, which requires a high level of commitment and persistence from day one.

Another essential key to becoming a successful performer is thick skin, according to Stapinski. The reality is, acting auditions are extremely competitive, so aspiring performers often face many rejections before eventually getting gigs. In fact, many famous performers today struggled for several years before finally getting their big breaks. Thus, being tenacious and able to take criticism is a requirement for breaking into and surviving the acting industry.

A willingness to hustle is yet another trait of a successful performer, according to the article. Specifically, actors must be able to keep up with their lessons while simultaneously earning enough to go to auditions and live in general. For instance, many performers work 9-to-5 jobs, taking acting classes during the evenings, and squeeze in auditions when they can. Surviving with this type of schedule requires the combination of diligence, patience, and optimism, according to Stephen Stapinski.

Stephen Stapinski
Stephen Stapinski
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