Soles with Soul: How BAMSOCKS Diabetic Socks are Creating a New Niche in Medical Fashion


BAMSOCKS Novelty Compression Socks are Providing Relief for Millions with a Personalized Flare

BEAVERTON, OREGON, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2021 / — One in ten adults suffer from diabetes, and the effects of diabetic leg pain in the United States. Many more millions suffer from the same type of pain due to edema or neuropathy. For these individuals, the pain can be unbearable and requires various forms of treatment to manage symptoms. One such treatment is the use of diabetic compression socks to promote blood flow and reduce pain. BAMSOCKS, the premier specialty online retailer for diabetic compression socks, is on a mission to reinvent the standard compression sock to offer a fun, yet effective solution for those in pain.

Historically, diabetic compression socks have been the same standard size and color, making the experience of wearing them that much more gruesome. BAMSOCKS has birthed a new niche in fashion forward socks by creating a product that help reduce numbness, pain, and swelling, and promoting proper blood flow and circulation, while allowing the individual to add their personal touch. Those who suffer from these ailments already have to deal with their symptoms; BAMSOCKS is creating lasting change by making life a little bit easier, and fashion socks more inclusive.

Available for both men and women in a variety of styles and sizes, BAMSOCKS ensures that any and every patient finds exactly what they are looking for when they visit their site. Offering a wide selection of novelty socks in countless prints for any occasion, BAMSOCKS takes what once was an embarrassing medical aid, and turned it into a trendy, personalized accessory to leave more pep in your step and relief in your feet.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to providing relief to millions suffering with diabetes; BAMSOCKS purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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BAMSOCKS is specialty retailer of diabetic and compression socks, offering a wide range of therapeutics socks in various styles to help with neuropathy, edema, and other foot or leg issues. Founded in 2018 BAMSOCKS is the first retailer of its kind to offer diabetic and compression socks, with a luxury, fashionable flare. Available in both mens and women’s sizes, BAMSOCKS offers novelty and athletic style socks with varying compression levels and lengths to provide an inclusive, personalized experience for patients in need of a solution; without compromising style. Dedicated to helping each individual find the perfect pair for their needs, BAMSOCKS unique design has become a trusted source for millions of Americans who suffer from leg pain, edema, and neuropathy.


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