Sol Donum Startup Reimagines Energy Storage


Vulcan Energy System: Portable Industrial-Strength Clean Power

Launching on Indiegogo, the Portable Vulcan System Provides All-Weather Clean Energy for Backup Power, Reducing Grid Dependency and Improving Solar Efficiency

HAYMARKET, VA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2021 / — Sol Donum today officially launched the Vulcan Energy System, their first in a planned line of renewable energy generation, storage, monitoring, and management products. The Vulcan’s groundbreaking design combines industrial strength with portability and scalability, and enables consumers and organizations to power home appliances and business systems without the need for gas generators or permanent fixture battery systems.

Made in the USA, the Vulcan is a turnkey battery storage and backup power system for homes, small businesses, or off-grid activities. It consists of an Inverter-Charger unit and as many accompanying self-charging energy storage units (Energy Stores) as needed to match buyers’ power requirements. The Vulcan’s modular design enables it to be used immediately upon delivery without the need for additional components, expensive property renovations, permitting, or an electrician. Additional Energy Stores can easily be added at any time by the system owner, as their home or business needs or location changes.

“The electric grid is fragile. Record-breaking natural disasters over the past several years, including wildfires and storms like the ones that caused the California and Texas blackouts, have underscored the importance of having reliable power,” said Clift Briscoe, Founder and Chief Products Engineer. “Our Vulcan Energy System provides automatic and immediate backup power in the event of an outage. The system is dust, moisture, weather, and corrosion resistant to operate under harsh conditions such as severe cold or heat.”

The idea for Sol Donum (Latin for “Sun Gift”) came about when Briscoe purchased a solar generator to provide power during outages. The unit was not able to power appliances as advertised for more than a few minutes and only held power for a few hours under load. The alternative would have been to purchase an expensive solution that would have to be permanently wired into his home. Consequently, he was inspired to design and build the highly efficient and portable Vulcan, capable of providing larger storage capacities, fast and consistent charging times, and high AC output.

Using top-of-the-line inverters (for converting solar panel DC output to AC), solar charge controllers, and battery technology — the Vulcan is an unparalleled electric power source for all heavy loads while at home, working, traveling, or living off-grid. Its built-in electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter cleans all 120V AC output, enabling the operation of sensitive electronics under any power conditions. When used in conjunction with a solar power system, the Vulcan will store the excess electricity generated by solar panels during the day for later use in the evening or during overcast weather. Its portability makes it ideal for recreational vehicle and boating enthusiasts, for working in remote locations, and as an essential part of preparing for a wide range of emergencies.

The battery-based Vulcan provides carbon-free, quiet backup power without the need for a gas generator. The battery chemistry is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) which is among the safest, longest-lasting battery technologies in the world. This is the same battery chemistry used by the oxygen generator for the new Mars rover, Perseverance, and its companion drone. LiFePO4 has excellent thermal and chemical stability so the batteries stay cool, even in higher ambient temperatures. They are also nontoxic and easily recycled. “Unlike typical portable energy systems that need replacement after a year or two, the Vulcan system is built to last,” said Larry Chang, co-founder and COO of Sol Donum. “Our battery technology is designed for daily charge and discharge, and it is tested to perform reliably for over 5000 cycles, retaining 80% of its capacity after 10 years. You won’t find our units in a landfill – our customers will receive trade-in rebates so that we can refurbish, upgrade or recycle them as technology evolves.”

Sol Donum is now looking for backers to support its ambitious growth plan. From its headquarters in Virginia, it will look to create more clean energy jobs in technology, manufacturing, management, and marketing. It will use the funds raised for mass production of the Vulcan and to develop energy systems for government and international use.

The Vulcan is the gold standard residential energy storage system. It is a portable utility-grade alternative to permanent installation storage batteries and gasoline generators. Its modular design supports unlimited energy storage capacity. The Vulcan outputs 2KW or 4KW of continuous filtered 120V AC power coming from solar panels or grid power. It stores power in safe, high energy density LiFePO4 batteries and automatically runs home appliances and business systems when needed during an outage, without the need for manual intervention. Now available on Indiegogo.

Sol Donum (Sun Gift) is a renewable energy technology company founded on the principle of reducing fossil fuel-based electricity generation and dependency, and supporting energy resilience one village, one home, one business, and one customer at a time. Since its founding in November 2019, the company has focused on the design and development of a series of turnkey and scalable renewable electricity generation and storage products for consumer and business markets.

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