ShockWatch Introduces WarmMark Temperature Indicators for COVID-19 Vaccines


A global provider of damage control solutions has improved its product range with the inclusion of WarmMark Temperature Indicators for COVID-19 vaccines

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, May 4, 2021 / — ShockWatch, a globally acclaimed provider of damage control solutions, has recently improved its product range with the inclusion of WarmMark Temperature Indicators for COVID-19 vaccines. This indicator helps ensure proper temperature monitoring to maintain the desired efficacy standards of the vaccines.

As Covid vaccination gathers momentum all over the world, ShockWatch has announced the official launch of its new product WarmMark Temperature Indicator. This high-quality indicator has been introduced by ShockWatch to address the cold chain requirements of the vaccination process, which plays a critical role in meeting the efficacy standards of different vaccines. Operating for more than four decades, ShockWatch is one of the most recommended providers of damage prevention solutions. In Australia, the company has been providing impact, tilt, and temperature prevention products for over 20 years.

Ever since the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers around the world have worked relentlessly to come up with a number of vaccines. Since then, the focus has shifted entirely on efficient, expeditious, and equitable distribution and administration of approved vaccines. This is of paramount importance because a temperature below 8°C must be maintained to ensure that the vaccines are effective. Each vaccine brand has a different storage time frame in the 2-8°C range, either 24hrs, 30 days or 6 months. The vaccines are damaged by heat without any visible signs, and therefore, COVID-19 vaccine temperature monitoring is a must.
WarmMark Temperature Indicators can be used during vaccine packaging before it is shipped or stored to guarantee the vaccine’s efficacy throughout the supply chain. These time and temperature indicators can be placed in a box of doses that have been taken out of the refrigerator for administration. The time and temperature feature of the indicator informs the administrator if the doses experience any unacceptable excursion.

WarmMark technology provides clear, easy to read indication if the threshold temperature and time duration of the breach have been exceeded, so healthcare workers can be completely confident while administering the vaccines. These single-use indicators can detect a range of temperatures including -18°C (deep freeze), 8°C (refrigeration), and 25°C (room temperature), and excursion time from 30 minutes to 168 hours. Users also have the option to customise the indicators.

Some of the most important features of the product include:

– Provides strong evidence of exposure to wrong temperature conditions
– Provides cost-effective monitoring for last-mile shipments
– Enables easy accept/reject decisions
– Helps verify the adequacy of packaging
– Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines
– Temperature sensitivity
– Helps monitor the shelf life of a shipped product

“WarmMark time and temperature indicators are low-cost solutions that give you all the information you need throughout the duration of specific temperature exposure. It’s important to note, that it is not a data logger. This is a much better option compared to data loggers because of the lower cost and specificity for use in the last mile,” said a senior spokesperson from ShockWatch.

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About ShockWatch: ShockWatch is one of the leading providers of damage indicators and damage prevention products for goods in transit. The company specialises in providing fleet monitoring equipment for manufacturing and warehouse operations. As a leader in accident prevention and industrial safety solutions, they put the highest priority on keeping workers and products safe. ShockWatch products help reduce damage-related costs in the transportation and storage of fragile or temperature-sensitive goods and improve safety in the workplace.

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