Sertant Capital Helps Businesses To Grow By Delivering Premium Equipment Financing Solutions


No matter the industry a business operates in, they would need certain technologies, tools and equipment to function properly and maximize their operations. To do so, they have to either purchase or lease the needed devices and equipment. However, there are many scenarios where businesses might be short on cash, and cannot afford to buy new equipment. In such a scenario, it would be prudent for them to seek out assistance from equipment financing companies like Sertant Capital. This California based full-service, independent equipment finance company provides its clients with comprehensive funding solutions.

Equipment financing is basically a system that provides a business with the funds they need to purchase (or lease) equipment and devices that are vital for their growth and operations. Businesses can procure various types of items through this process, ranging from IT equipment and heavy machinery to vehicles and business-specific devices.  Several types of business depend on particular equipment to get the job down. For many of them, the right equipment can make all the difference between growth and stagnation. Whatever might be the sector a business operates in, seeking out assistance from equipment financing companies like Sertant Capital would help them to grow and prosper, without putting a huge burden on their working capital.

The process of equipment financing allows a business to obtain the machinery or new technology they need in a hassle-free manner. In this system, the lender or the equipment financing firm provides businesses with funding that is secured by the very machinery or technology it is being used to purchase or hire. The business subsequently pays back the money to the lender in installments, along with a nominal interest amount.  The equipment procured through this system ideally tends to be used as security. Therefore, in case a business is unable to meet the determined repayment terms, the lender can take the equipment away.  However, as the loaned sum is paid in full by the business, they enjoy the full ownership and control of the equipment procured.

Equipment financing from companies like Sertant Capital can significantly help businesses to improve their cash flow and meet diverse ongoing operational expenditures.  This company has the needed equipment financing experience and expertise to deliver the perfect customized solutions to its clients in a prompt manner. The professionals working there try to take tackle complex transactions in creative and ingenious ways to ensure favorable results, and strive to deliver value by successfully structuring transactions as per the specific objectives and goals of their discerning clients.

Sertant Capital is known to specialize in structuring transactions from sale-leasebacks to project financing, and they work alongside their clients to provide creative financing solutions tailored for the unique credit scenario and business needs of their each client. The core mission of this company is to structure transactions customized as per the needs of their clients, while maintaining a distinctive end-to-end consultative approach.