Self-Inflicted Limitation Is A New Motivational Book About Empowerment Success And Personal Development


Self-Inflicted Limitation is a non-fiction self-empowering novel that sets the path in life of achieving personal goals alongside learning to stay motivated.Follow your dreams no matter how distant they seem”— Mithun SudarshanBUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Self-Inflicted Limitation ( ) focuses on defining the meaning of a person’s life. Mithun Sudarshan says, “the path you choose to take, is a dependent factor which contains mysterious journeys as you follow your road map.” Throughout the various chapters of your life, you will understand and experience what variables are repugnant and gratifying. This comes with patience and resilience, which are the two critical elements in self-improvement. Those who have the will power and determination to succeed will benefit from understanding the incompetencies and harsh reality that this book entails. Sudarshan continues to say, “the many adversities we face, the more lessons there are to be taken away from them. Life gives us reality checks to let us witness what we took for granted.”

In his book, Sudarshan talks about how understanding the negative influences in our lives may be the master key to overcoming the fear of failure. In other words, success becomes a by-product of our failures. As we experience failure, it gives us the knowledge, strength, and wisdom necessary to succeed. The problem with failure is that it is exasperated through our influences and becomes a negative force creating the subconscious fear of failure itself.” Sudarshan says.

About The Book

Self-Inflicted Limitation is a non fiction novel that enlightens you to the effect of change in direction. To begin this journey, one must first analyze the three constant variables: influence, environment, and past critical events. 

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