Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland Discusses the Importance of Full-Scale Waterproofing and Restoration Services


Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland on Waterproofing and Restoration Services

PLACE REDDICK, FL, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — Waterproofing and restoration services are a passionate topic for Spiderman Mulholland and one that he can speak at length about. As a forensic expert with a 35-year career in the business, he’s become indispensable to anyone who wants to protect their investment from the dangers of moisture.
Water damage is more than just a nuisance or an unnecessary expense. A tiny leak in a home or building can be the beginning of the end for a building at best or the origin of a deathly mold colony at worst. We’ll look at how this professional managed to become so knowledgeable and why this experience is critical to property management.

State-Certified General Contractor

The first part of Spiderman Mulholland’s career was spent as a general contractor. He spent 20 years demolishing both residential and commercial property before starting in on reconstruction. When you run through up to 300 buildings a year for two decades, you get a sense of where leaks start and how to prevent them.

When Mulholland was a general contractor, he saw more than just the quality of a building when he was on-site. Without a solid waterproofing strategy, everything from air quality to infrastructure stability is in jeopardy.

Excellence in Restoration

When Spiderman Mulholland develops solutions to keep water intrusion at bay, he draws on specialized skills that have taken many years to hone. With the right controls and systems in place, he has the power to safeguard a building from storms and pipe bursts alike.

This is good news for property owners. The long-term success of a building comes down to the people in charge of it. Quality products and construction can go a long way toward limiting the work involved, but it will always be a combination of human effort and technical expertise.

Scott Mulholland knows what’s at stake for owners, especially when they’re liable to be sued for exposing residents or inhabitants to hazardous conditions. When he restores a building or applies his moisture engineering skills, he takes every detail to heart. It’s why his work has been so sought after and how he’s taken such an impressive elevator ride straight up in his industry.

How Spiderman Mulholland Works

Mulholland is a building scientist, one who prides himself on having a structured approach to even the most complex matters. No matter what the building looks like, when it was built, or how large it is, Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland has a process of inspecting and diagnosing the problems before moving onto the scope of the work.

What he really wants to do is solve the problem, regardless of how unsolvable it looks at first. He has a dogged determination in his work, born of his unique understanding of just how far problems in a building can stretch.

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