Sandstone Diagnostics Announces FDA Registration for Torq™ MiniDrive2™


The FDA-registered Torq MiniDrive2 from Sandstone Diagnostics

Ultra-compact, low-cost, and shippable device provides lab-quality plasma collection at-home.

The MiniDrive2 ushers in a new era for at-home diagnostics and patient monitoring.”

— Gary Altman, CEO

PLEASANTON, CA, USA, May 5, 2021 / — Sandstone Diagnostics, Inc. announces FDA class I device registration for its Torq MiniDrive2 – an ultra-compact (2.5-inch wide), low-cost, battery-powered centrifuge designed for at-home self-collection of liquid capillary plasma samples.

The new MiniDrive2 addresses the growing demand for at-home patient monitoring and diagnostic tools. Most blood-based diagnostic tests are run on the blood serum or plasma (the liquid component of blood removed from blood cells and other components that interfere with diagnostic tests). Clinical and laboratory guidelines dictate that blood separation should occur as soon as possible to preserve sample integrity. However, conventional centrifuge instruments are not practical for at-home environments so most blood sample self-collection to date relies on either dried blood sampling or shipment of whole blood samples. Both options suffer from disadvantages that severely narrow their clinical utility and test compatibility.

The MiniDrive2 spins Sandstone’s proprietary Torq MiniDiscs™ – small, single-use discs designed to collect and separate capillary blood samples into plasma and cells at the point of collection. Together, the MiniDrive2 and MiniDisc system makes it simple for patients to self-collect and return lab-quality plasma samples to centralized laboratories. The MiniDrive2’s streamlined, efficient design allows for high-volume, low-cost production such that the device accommodates both multi-use and single-use applications.

“The MiniDrive2 ushers in a new era for at-home diagnostics and patient monitoring,” said Sandstone CEO Gary Altman. “While Sandstone’s centrifuge technology has always been remarkably compact, the MiniDrive2 sets a new standard for size, power, and usability that opens tremendous new diagnostic market opportunities for our partners and customers.”

In addition to the MiniDrive2 and MiniDisc, Sandstone’s Torq family of products includes the ZDrive and ZDisc designed for decentralized venous blood draws, and the ZDrive MR configured to spin single BD Microtainers for capillary blood or serum collection. Applications for Torq products include at-home self-collections, decentralized clinical trials, point-of-care diagnostics, mobile phlebotomy, physician office testing, global health, rural health, pop-up clinics, veterinary blood collections, and more.

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