Roundup: RAKwireless New IoT Offerings and Innovations Announced at Spring Launch Event, The Big Tech Bloom

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RAKwireless Logo

SHENZEN, CHINA, April 13, 2021 / — RAKwireless, the market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape and trusted creator of easy-to-deploy modular IoT products, announced a variety of new market developments at its first-ever spring launch event, The Big Tech Bloom.

The Big Tech Bloom served as a platform to show RAK’s passion for new IoT innovation and showcased a variety of improvements to existing features and new products for the company. These developments included:

WisDM – WisDM is an all-in-one fleet management system that allows developers and enterprises to control multiple RAK gateways under one network. The goal of the product is to empower remote management as the key in deploying large, scalable LoRaWAN® networks.

WisGateOS – Considered the cornerstone for all RAK gateways, WisGateOS comes with numerous improvements, allowing for maximum control while users build add-on applications. WisGateOS sits on top of OpenWRT. Legacy Packet Forwarder, and LoRa Basics™ Station Protocol are also available.

● RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 – A new introduction to the WisGate family, the RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 is a new, full 8-channel indoor gateway that comes with a refreshed design and aesthetic. It supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to serve cases where mounting of gateways is required where additional power lines are not an option.

● WisBlock – A core RAK product, WisBlock is a complete, qualified system solution made up of a series of modular block-like sensors, computing, and connectivity (more here – ) Nine new WisBlock sensors and IO modules are now available to help developers rapidly prototype hardware. These include:

1) RAK19002 Boost Module – WisBlock Sensor with 12V power for an external sensor that eliminates the requirement of a secondary power supply.

2) RAK18001 Buzzer Module – WisBlock Sensor with small buzzer, which can be used as an alarm signal or audible alerts.

3) RAK18000 Microphone Module – WisBlock IO with a microphone that detects hazardous noise levels. It sends this data over BLE or LoRa.

4) RAK15000 EEPROM Module – WisBlock Sensor with nonvolatile EEPROM memory that has 1 million write/erase cycles making it a perfect temporary storage of acquired sensor data in case of connection losses or empty battery.

5) RAK12003 Infrared Temperature Sensor – WisBlock Sensor with a high-precision IR thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements.

6) RAK15001 Flash Module – WisBlock Sensor with non-volatile FLASH memory that can save big data but with limited write cycles.

7) RAK14000 E-ink Display – WisBlock IO with an ultra-low-power display. It works on extremely low power consumption and keeps content on display visible for days even without any power supply.

8) RAK12500 GNSS Module – WisBlock Sensor with GPS location sensor based on uBlox MAX-M8Q for fast and accurate location acquisition.

9) RAK11200 ESP32 Module – WisBlock Core gives the power of the dual-core Espressif ESP32 MCU running with 240MHz. It comes with plenty of communication possibilities with WiFi and Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

10) RAK3172 WisDuo Stamp Module – The newest RAK3172 STM32WLE5 WisDuo Stamp Module is geared towards integration in custom PCBs. It is based on STM32WL, the first LoRA SoC IC of its kind. It is suitable for applications requiring long-range data acquisition and low-power consumption.

A sneak peek into some additional RAKwireless developments that will be available:

● RAK7289 WisGate Edge Pro ( – New WisGate users can now utilize an enhanced enclosure that allows for the Wi-Fi and Cellular antennas to be embedded. This makes the user data secure without losing signal strength. RAK7289 WisGate Edge Pro users can also now debug without the need for a specific cable. It also supports up to 16 LoRa channels, multi backhaul with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connectivity. Optionally there is a dedicated port for different power options, solar panels, and batteries. Its new enclosure design allows the LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS antennas to be inside the enclosure. Also, dying gasp functionality makes the RAK7289 gateway perfect for large-scale deployments where the gateways’ power monitoring is a must.

● RAK7271 / RAK7371 WisGate Developer Base ( – This new base converts either RAK2287 or RAK5146 mPCIe form factor LoRa modules to USB port output – making the gateway part separate from its host module. By connecting a USB-type C connection to a host computer, users can seamlessly run a local mobile gateway to test, troubleshoot and develop remotely.

1) RAK7271 includes the RAK2287 USB concentrator inside based on SX1302

2) RAK7371 comes with a RAK5146 USB concentrator inside based on SX1303

● RAK5146 WisLink LPWAN Module ( – Based on the latest SX1303 baseband processor from Semtech, RAK5146 WisLink LPWAN Module is RAK’s newest LPWAN concentrator that is tailor-made for developers and companies wanting to build networking devices with LoRaWAN® gateway functionality. It has many new features like BLT, Fine Timestamping, GPS onboard, USB/SPI interface support.

About RAKwireless –

RAKwireless is a committed market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape. The brand is passionate about eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to-market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. Our goal is to create easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products that are accessible for all. We are working to grow a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers, who are passionate about taking IoT solutions further than ever before.

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