Replace Google Cloud Print with PrintCentral Pro. Print remotely to any printer using Mobile Data or WiFi


Print Remotely – Around Town or Around The World

Store and print files, images, emails and convert to PDFs in seconds

Print from your Apple Watch while on the go

After Google retired Google Cloud Print, many people are looking for a remote printing solution. PrintCentral Pro and WePrint Cloud is a simple and easy answer.

With more than a decade of experience in iPhone Apps, the EuroSmartz range of Printing, Email and File Management solutions surpasses other apps with innovative functionality and compatibility.”

— Martin Schenkel

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, May 6, 2021 / — Remote Printing has just been vastly improved with the the newly released “WePrint Cloud” in the iPhone/iPad/Watch app “PrintCentral Pro” by EuroSmartz. Many people have been searching for a replacement remote printing solution since Google retired Google Cloud Print at the end of 2020. WePrint Cloud streamlines the remote printing platform to greatly reduce setup time and improve performance. “PrintCentral Pro” has been providing remote printing for over a decade with the alternate remote printing solutions, among many other printing and file management features.

With PrintCentral Pro you can print to any printer, not just AirPrint, either in the same room over WiFi or remotely via Mobile Data or a remote WiFi network. You can print to multiple printers in multiple locations. For example you could print to your office printer while travelling or print photos to your Parents’ printer from around the world.

The PrintCentral Pro remote printing setup is just a couple of steps and there is no subscription or extra charges. Our support team have a very rapid response time around the clock if you need any help with setup.

Of course PrintCentral Pro has many other vital features that our customers use on a daily basis. For a start you can print a large range of document types. Print your Calendar, Emails, Contacts, Web Pages, Photos, Cloud Files and much more. With the wide range of printing options, you can print to any printer, not just AirPrint.

You can even print via your Apple Watch. Using PrintCentral Pro on your watch enables you to print Emails, Photos and many other documents to any printer while on the go. Of course you can also print remotely from your watch just like you can with your iPhone/iPad.

When used as a document storage hub, PrintCentral Pro supports a large range of cloud servers allowing you to move files between devices and servers. You can share files with other apps with ease. Emailing documents from a cloud server or other locations is incredibly simple. You can also save documents from emails to cloud servers or other locations.

Converting to PDF can not be easier. Multiple document and files types can be saved as PDF files with just a couple of taps. You can send your calendar as a PDF attachment in an email. You could save your entire contact list or emails as PDFs for a backup. Web pages, Photos, Word docs, Cloud Files and many other files can be quickly converted to PDF files for sharing or archiving.

With the huge range of features, PrintCentral Pro is truly the multi-tool of apps.

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