Redefining Success: The Achievements of Nicole Blankenship, a Highly Accomplished Permanent Makeup Artist


Nicole Blankenship, a renowned beauty artist, is redefining success with her company ‘The Brow Project.’ Throughout her 15-year career, she has worked for high endbrands such as YSL, Armani, and Lancome, and she has traveled the world to learn from industry gurus. Nicole has built a brand and reputation for her business with over 1000 reviews on Yelp, Google, Real Self, Vagaro, and Facebook.

A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Nicole Blankenship entered the permanent cosmetics industry to provide her one-of-a-kind service through her company ‘The Brow Project.’ It specializes in permanent makeup, particularly eyebrows, and lips, and provides a natural-looking permanent makeup look. Furthermore, they offer other services such as skincare and cosmetic application by utilizing high-quality products tailored for each skin type. The procedures are done under the supervision of top specialists to guarantee that the clients receive the best results possible.

What distinguishes ‘The BrowProject’ is the use of natural products in their procedures. Many people are unaware that the pigmentoften used in permanent makeup contains iron oxide, which quickly breaks down and doesn’t last long. Nevertheless, Blankenship employs organic and vegan pigments, which prevent them from breaking down, resulting in long-lasting effects.

With their natural and beautiful services, Brow Project adds ‘the cherry on top,’ which ‘everyone will see, but none will know.’  You can reap the benefits of having perfect skin at all times if you get your services done by them.

Nicole says, “We offer modern and natural results for aesthetic treatments, including permanent makeup, cosmetic injectables, skin needling, and carry the industry’s latest and best technology in skincare. We take pride in creating an educational, inviting, luxurious, but FUN experience for our clients & patients.”

Motivating Factors

Blankenship’s business is more than just providing services; it is about creating an experience that clients will remember for a long time. The Brow Project has improved the lives of many women by enhancing their confidence and self-image by helping them in looking and feeling beautiful. Her salon is a secure space where her clientscan be seen, felt, and heard to enjoy maximum comfort.

Moreover, Blankenship strongly believes in giving back to society, which she intends to do through her salon. She has worked with cancer survivors, alopecia patients, and other people who have lost hair or are losing hair for whatever reasons, making them feel attractive in their skin.

Her distinct technique has drawn customers worldwide, and she has worked with some of the most famous people, like Nancy Rogers, Dallas Housewives, and Paige Hathaway. Blankenship’s talent has earned her multiple awards, including 2022 Best in the City Modern Luxury Dallas and the 2022 Dynamic Woman Award.

Blankenship’s perseverance and effort have paid off. She has become the DFW area’s beauty authority and has established abrand that has caused a stir in the community. Her brand has been featured on several platforms, and she was named the finest Dallas beauty experience and dynamic personality by Modern Luxury.

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