Qcess, COVID-19 kiosk type integrated thermal image camera “FEVERMON (FEVERMON)” released


Korean security company Qccess has released FeverMon, a full-automatic alarm alarm fever measurement thermal image camera system equipped with a kiosk type horizontal display.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 23, 2020 / EINPresswire.com /-Korean security specialist Qccess (representative John Yong- won) is equipped with a kiosk-type horizontal display while COVID-19 pandemic is active all over the world It announced on the 24th that it released the fully automatic alarm alarm fever measurement thermal image camera system ” FeverMon “.

This is the world’s first thermal image camera product that has an ultra-high-performance thermal image camera, a 43-inch monitor, and a Windows 10 high-performance personal computer built into the horizontal display and integrated in an all-in-one. Fevermon is a nickname for Fever detecting Monster.

The feature of Fevermon is that even if many people pass at once, if you enter within a distance of 3 meters, you can quickly and accurately check the heat generation within 0.5 seconds. This eliminates the need to stop and wait in front of the thermal image camera for checking the body temperature, or to bring the face closer to the thermal image camera.

For this reason, Cueses has installed the “core-based ultra-high-performance thermal imaging camera module” from IRay, a global manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras that holds 311 related patents. It is possible to check ultra-precision heat generation within an error range of ±0.5°C, and is equipped with a face recognition algorithm that measures the temperature by recognizing only the face even if you are wearing a mask or have hot coffee. Based on the outstanding performance of MATRIX III’s patented temperature measurement algorithm, it is a highly reliable camera module that can supply over 200,000 units worldwide.

Fevermon of Cueces measures the body temperature while automatically recognizing and tracking only the face based on AI Deep Running, and several people can simultaneously scan in one frame, even when many people pass quickly Real-time check is possible. When a body temperature higher than the set temperature is detected, an automatic alarm sounds, and the face screen of the fever is automatically saved in another folder, which the administrator can easily check.

Fevermon offers three screen modes: a real image, a thermal image, and a dual mode in which the two can be viewed simultaneously on a single monitor. The conventional thermal image camera system often displays only a thermal image instead of an actual image, and some people are reluctant to do so. Fevermon can check the body temperature while displaying the entire screen as a real image, so the contour line of the human body does not appear and there is no resistance.

Fevermon can recognize 100 faces per minute at the same time, and it automatically operates through scheduling by setting an automatic start and end time. If you don’t wear a mask, you can set the alarm to sound, and the Korean government also supports a QR code, which is an electronic entry/exit directory (KI-Pass) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In Fevermon, administrators don’t have to constantly watch and monitor by the thermal imaging system. The 24-hour self-checker, Fevermon, is designed to be operated and operated by ordinary people even if they do not have high-end technology, based on the Windows 10 operating system.

Fevermon is an integrated system with a built-in high-performance personal computer with a 9th generation Intel i5.It has four sturdy wheels and is safe and easy to move because it does not fall even if you kick it with your foot. .. The thermal image camera is placed in the center of the box to ensure correct temperature measurement, and the keyboard mouse is treated as a folding shelf to give it a clean and beautiful appearance.

The Fevermon is a successor model to the AT300i thermal imager, which sold over 300 units in Korea for the first three months of this year and became the best-selling camera. “AT300i” was only in thermal image mode, and there were a tripod, a monitor, a thermal image camera, and a laptop computer separately, and there were a lot of cables to connect, and it was a thing that was inconvenient, but that AT300i It is a new product that has completely improved the disadvantages of.

“The Fevermon, which is so durable that it doesn’t fall even if it kicks with the kiosk integrated system, is very useful for COVID-19 epidemic prevention,” said Jung Eun Suk, director of Qcess It will spur it.”

He also said, “Government offices, libraries, museums, museums, shopping malls, colleges, subway history, police stations, broadcasters, theaters, gymnasiums, churches, vikings, restaurants, basketball fields, soccer fields, supermarkets, jjimjilbang, etc. , There is high interest in fevermon at multiple-use facilities.”

The characteristics of Fevermon are as follows.

■ Quick and accurate simultaneous check without stopping!
■ 100 simultaneous facial recognition and self-heating check per minute!
■Zero blind spots with wide viewing angle and large 43-inch screen!
■ Horizontal kiosk type for easy viewing!
■ Convenient for scheduling such as automatic start/end time setting!
■It is refreshing without a cable for the monitor, PC and camera integrated type!
■ Smart quarantine with alarm sound when no mask is worn ■
Convenient in 3 video modes such as dual (actual image, thermal image) screen!
■ Accurate and accurate with AI face recognition and tracking method!
■ Deterioration image camera is placed in the center of the hull for accurate heat measurement!
■Automatic alarm when a fever occurs and save face separately!
■4 powerful wheels make it sturdy and easy to move!
■ Stable operation on high-performance Windows PC with Intel i5 CPU!
■ Folding shelves holding keyboard and mouse for a beautiful appearance!
■Always provide self-checking and safe environment without an administrator!
■ Convenient user interface (UI) that does not require highly technical personnel
■ Saves body temperature image data for all feverers and visitors

Features of the Ultra Clear thermal imager on the Fevermon:

■It is a professional camera that can check ultra-precision heat generation within an error range of ±0.5°C.
-Equipped with a face recognition algorithm that accurately recognizes and measures only the face even when wearing a mask or having hot
coffee.-A public building with a large number of visitors based on the core supply reference of over 200,000 worldwide. A large number of products are installed, etc.
■ Supports 3 video (actual video, thermal image, dual) modes
■ Automatic face recognition and tracking technology based on AAI deep learning
■ MATRIXⅢ patented temperature measurement algorithm
■ High resolution thermal image module, Simultaneous scanning for multiple people in one frame
■ Precise temperature measurement with core chip instead of element system ■
High-performance core based on patented temperature measurement technology
■ Accurately check many targets in real time even when passing quickly

More information on Fevermon can be found on the Fevermon website at www.fevermon.com or email info@fevermon.com.

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