Provivi® announces regulatory approval in Indonesia


Scirpophaga incertulas, yellow rice stem borer

The registration of Pherium AL offers a preventive, proven, and safe technology to rice growers in Indonesia

Farmers in Indonesia now have a tool to rethink the way to protect crops, as we offer an effective and safe foundation for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of stemborer in rice”

— Dr. Pedro Coelho, Co-Founder, and CEO of Provivi

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / — Provivi® Inc (“Provivi”), an emerging crop protection company using pheromones to protect crops from major damaging insects, proudly announces regulatory approval of “Pherium AL” in Indonesia. The authorization issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture covers the control of yellow rice stemborer (Scirpophaga incertulas) in rice.

Rice stemborers are an important damaging pest for Indonesian rice growers. Current tools to control the pest are often costly and lagging efficacy, while at times posing health risks to the applicators and farmers.

Pherium AL is a pheromone-based product, which will change the way farmers in Indonesia manage the stemborer problem. One application at the beginning of the crop will provide season-long control by disrupting the mating cycle of the pest and prevent the build-up of damaging populations.

“For Provivi, farmers are the cornerstone of our organization, and we are grateful and excited to be able to offer to farmers a preventive, sustainable, and non-toxic solution against stemborer – improving their rice crops, business, and livelihoods”, stated Mr. Pedro Coelho, CEO, and Co-Founder of Provivi.

“By adopting the Pherium AL solution, farmers in Indonesia now have a tool enabling them to rethink the way to protect their rice crop from damaging insect pest populations. Being a natural compound with no risk of resistance, it offers an effective and safe foundation for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of stemborer in rice.”, Mr. Coelho added.

“This registration marks the beginning of a new era of effective, affordable, and environmentally benign protection against stemborer for farmers not only in Indonesia but several other countries across Asia, where we are currently developing and registering the product.” Said Mr. Juan Manuel Lombana, VP Global Business at Provivi.

About Pheromones & Mating Disruption
Pheromones are natural signal substances, produced by insects. They serve several purposes. One such is to promote reproduction when females emit specific sex pheromones to attract males for their mating.
This has been commercially used by introducing dispensers or spray applications saturating the field with those pheromones. The high concentration of pheromones confuses male insects, and they fly around unable to locate the females. The mating is prevented, and pest infestation’s growth is controlled in a preventive way without killing any insects.
This technology has been used for the past thirty years and is currently applied in more than one million hectares of high-value permanent crops such as apples, grapes, and nuts. The benefits of using pheromones are well established in the scientific literature: they enable a reduction of harmful residues on food while preserving biodiversity.

About Provivi’s pheromones
The traditionally high cost of synthesizing pheromones has been a barrier to the adoption of this technology in low-cost, large hectarage row crops. Provivi uses proprietary production methods and low-cost raw materials to ensure high volumes and reduced costs. As a result, Provivi’s affordable pheromone products can be adopted in a crop like rice, where PheriumTM AL has demonstrated effective control of stemborers.

About Provivi
We are a groundbreaking science-based company creating scalable, safer insect control technology that will improve the quality of life for all humans and our world.
Provivi is developing a family of safe, effective, and economical pheromone solutions, creating a new foundation for pest and resistance management in crop production. Pheromones are substances that serve as highly selective attractants for insects, allowing the control of harmful pests while preserving beneficial insects. Provivi’s patented production method enables a step-change in the cost of manufacturing pheromones, allowing the use of this proven tool in high-acreage crops such as corn, rice, and soy.

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