Pro Wrestling Promoter LuchaFest Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Free Mobile Game App


Worldwide multiplayer game will have regular fresh content and rewards and gifts

BOSTON, USA, April 28, 2021 / — Sports entertainment company LuchaFest LLC is launching a GoFundMe campaign for a free social mobile gaming app that is intended to be used by hundreds of millions of players in approximately 200 countries around the world.

The Lucha Link-Up campaign, which can be found at, is for the development of a multiplayer game app that, once downloaded, can be used by players to challenge and chat with other participants across the world.

The app, which is under development, will have fresh content on a monthly basis, including updates, rewards and gifts, all of which will keep users constantly engaged.

“Lucha Link-Up is designed to provide people with nearly limitless hours of fun and fresh content, but we also want to enable people to connect with each other and bond over their common love of gaming,” said a LuchaFest spokesperson. Another benefit, the spokesperson added, is that combat sports simulators have been shown to be an effective way to channel stress and frustration, thereby improving the mental and emotional health for millions of people.

In addition, the gaming app will also provide support to people who are lonely and isolated due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

LuchaFest will never charge anybody to play the games or access any of its features, the spokesperson said.

LuchaFest considers the app a charitable project and is paying for the majority of its development out of its own pocket. The GoFundMe campaign is being introduced to support publishing, marketing, distribution and maintenance of the app.

LuchaFest’s main product is local pro wrestling (lucha libre) shows, which are performance art rooted in Mexican culture.

To make a donation to Lucha Link-Up’s GoFundMe campaign or help the project by sharing the campaign with friends and family on social media visit

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