Prêt À Pousser Launches Nano Garden, a Smart Garden for Growing Flowers Indoors


After 8 years of research, startup Prêt à Pousser unveils Nano Garden, an indoor smart hydroponic garden to easily grow long-lasting flowers indoors.

PARIS, FRANCE, April 29, 2021 / — After eight years of research inspired by NASA’s technology, French startup Prêt à Pousser (a French expression meaning “Ready to Grow”) unveils Nano Garden. An elegant indoor smart garden allows consumers to grow long-lasting flowers in a living room, kitchen or office. Nano Garden uses patented hydroponic technology, an app-enabled grow light and all-in- one plant pod to allow gardening within everyone’s reach.

Bring home the benefits of the slow flower therapy movement

The benefits of flowers on emotional and physical health is a given, but buying a bouquet of flowers isn’t always the best solution due to the cut-flower industry’s significant impact on the environment. Almost 80% of the 6.8 billion flowers sold annually in the U.S. are imported, the majority being grown in Colombia or Ecuador.

Prêt à Pousser revolutionizes gardening by allowing individuals to grow flowers themselves and indoors, without gardening gloves and messy potting soil.

Inside Nano Garden, the journey from seed to flower is just a few weeks, a unique flower bouquet will bloom directly in its planter, with no need for cutting or trimming. The homegrown bouquet lasts five times longer than harvested flowers.

Many people ask for the presence of plants in their home, even more since the beginning of the pandemic and the time spent indoors which has increased a lot, but do not dare to start gardening at home because they are afraid that it is complicated and do not have a green thumb! It is to meet this demand that Prêt à Pousser has developed Nano Garden, to make gardening within everyone’s reach.

A unique design for growing 50+ plant varieties

Food lovers can also grow fruits and vegetables, herbs and salads with Nano. 50+ varieties are available: the perfect solution for growing juicy Strawberries on any desk and spicy Basil in the kitchen.

Despite its advanced technology, Nano’s minimalist design is easy on the eyes. The sharp design is the result of a collaboration with designer Alain Berteau (“Designer of the year”, 2006). An aesthetic feat achieved by integrating six carefully selected colors, ranging from an earthy terracotta to a vibrant green.

Thanks to its signature combination of unique style and advanced technology, Prêt à Pousser has already sold over 200K indoor gardens throughout Europe. With a running start on the active Kickstarter campaign, Nano will contribute to the spread of indoor gardeners worldwide.

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