Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Poppa Harp His A Real Man

Poppa Harp Releases Single “Real Man”
Poppa ain’t following that crowd: Rapper Poppa Harp delivers a positive message with an aggressive edge on debut single “Real Man,” which drops MAY 3, 2021.

The single is available on digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.
Poppa Harp perfectly pulled off the poet-to-rapper flip recently, taking his rhyming skills to the recording booth as the global pandemic froze so many in place but imbued a creative freedom into many in America. “Always remain resilient,” Poppa Harp implores here over a driving beat bumping enough for the loudest sound systems.
A longtime urban poet of-note and a younger brother of rapper LV Buggy, who basically raised him, the 13-year Army veteran joined the military at age 18. As a combat engineer in Iraq, his job was to routinely drive or walk alongside routes looking for roadside bombs. The years of tension show in his hard delivery style, while the meaning in his music is that one can be a Real Man without making devastating mistakes and hurting the community.
He says, “I feel like folks in our communities deserve good music, with good content, from a good dude. I want young folks to understand, that it is okay to be a good dude. It’s okay to be regular, and it’s okay to make your own lane in the world and to be proud of it.

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